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NEWS - Inspiration Rebreather Course

The Inspiration CCR Rebreather course held in Cape Town last week was the biggest course ever held in Africa. The 13 Inspirations and 1 Evolution used on the course represented the largest gathering of CCR's in one place at one time, not to mention a combined investment of about R980,000.00.

The Inspiration is the most popular CCR worldwide by a long margin, but has a reputation of being a "death machine". More divers have died on Inspirations than any other rebreather. Is this merely a function of statistics, i.e. there are more Inspirations out there so one can expect more deaths? I have always been skeptical of CCR's and specifically of letting a computer control the PPO2 of my breathing gas. I decided to do the course and find out more.

John, myself, Andrew, Barry, Don, Ken, Gerhard, Nick, Nick, Shaun & Mike

What an amazing machine!!! It gives a "best mix" at all depths therefore allowing a lesser decompression obligation, it has awesome gas duration being about 99.5% more gas efficient than OC at 60m, there are no bubbles so wildlife interactions are much closer and it delivers warm and moist gas so you stay warmer and don't suffer from dry-mouth. Not to mention better off gassing curves so there being less chance of an ICD hit and the list goes on.

Myself & Ken

Well what's the downside? You have to relearn quite a few skills. Buoyancy is initially harder to control, task loading on ascents and descents is higher, you have to be more disciplined about monitoring the equipment and safety drills should be practised regularly. Plus the units are VERY expensive!

Ken & myself coming out of the wreck

So what do I think? My order has already been placed... My CCR should arrive in Dec, happy Christmas to me.