The Cape Town Marathon was established in 2007 with the intention of developing a marathon which will improve South African and Cape Town marathon running and which will showcase the City of Cape Town.

The principles behind the establishment of the race are:

In designing the course the following factors were taken into account:

*    The course must aid in fast times being run. As far as possible, steep hills and unnecessary turns should be avoided.

*    It must be manageable for novice runner tackling their first marathon (hence also the longer cut-off time).

*    Traffic flow and the inconvenience caused to local residents must be taken into account. Safety should be paramount.

*    As many landmarks in Cape Town as possible should be included on the route (given the above principles).

The race was initially part of the national Nedbank marathon series, but since 2010 it has been a completely stand-alone event. Since the inception the City of Cape Town has been a partner in the event and has contributed immeasurably to its growth and success.