The van Bruaene's are bred down from the following Reference birds, Belge 85/3410593 being the son of "THE MARATHON" who is a full brother to "BARCELONA II". Andre stated that he was a better pigeon than Barcelona II, and the only son, ever to come to South Africa. GB.88.70437 being the Daughter of " BONTEN" Belge/ 82/3366522 and "KLEIN PAU" Belge/86/3363120, you cannot get bloodlines any closer than these to the Great Champions

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Stock Pairs

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Cock SA.93.101018 Hen SA.89.197235
Cock SA.WT.95.8012 Hen SA.90.36081
Cock SA.89.43005 Hen SA.WPU.99.3351
Cock SA.WPU.97.1936 Hen SA.WPU.99.3403
Cock SA 93.101096 Hen SA.93.101041
Cock SA.WPU.99.6294 Hen SA.90.36102