The Restoration of a Strain.

The foundation of this line of birds are, " THE JOLLIE COCK" and his son "THE BILL CARNEY COCK". These birds were purchased on my recommendation by Mr Heindrich Scholtz of Douglas on the Jollie Peters sale. He revealed his true friendship by presenting them to me, with the statement, "If anyone can restore the Slimme to it's original, I think it could be you". We could have sold the Bill Carney cock for R10,000.00 when he was eight years of age, but he still had work to do here in Potchefstroom. These must be some of the best eyes in the world.

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Stock Pairs

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Pair 1
Cock Hen SA.WPU.99.6260
Pair 2
Cock SA.TRPF.97.16695 Hen SA.WPU.99.2035
Pair 3
Cock SA.WPU.97.2418 Hen SA.92.7009
Pair 4
Cock SA.WPU.96.2137 Hen SA.WPU.01.6178
Pair 5
Cock SA.WPU.98.983 Hen SA.00.24640
Pair 6
Cock SA.WPU.98.2755 Hen SA.SWF/K.90.5807
Pair 7
Cock SA.99.8721 Hen SA.WPU.98.930
Pair 8
Cock SA.WPU.6680 Hen SA.94.118446
Pair 9
Cock SA.KPF.93.1004 Hen SA.NPRU.00.9074