This is a newly developed strain, still undergoing progeny testing, with good results already experienced. They are produced through the Slimme to a rare mutated colour, thus making it distinctive from all other strains. Two blue cheques of this strain will produce this new colour mutation. The owner has included a chapter on this strain, and the Slimme, in his new book, "The Hidden Mysteries Of Nature and Science" as applied to Racing Pigeons.

Stock Pairs

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Pair 1
Cock SA.2000.24537 Hen SA.N KAAP.97.11205
Pair 2
Cock SA.WPU.99.6611 Hen SA.WPU.99.6686
Pair 3
Cock SA.00.24635 Hen SA.00.24584
Pair 4
Cock SA.00.24652 Hen SA.WPU.98.847
Pair 5
Cock SA.00.24651 Hen SA.00.26061
Pair 6
Cock SA.00.24739 Hen SA.WPU.99.2082
Pair 7
Cock SA.WPU.99.6662 Hen SA.WPU.98.936
Pair 8
Cock SA.00.24688 Hen SA.00.24600
Pair 9
Breeds Lemons and Cheques.
Cock SA.WPU.97.1684 Hen SA.WPU.97.1982
Pair 10
Breeds Lemons and Cheques.
Cock SA.00.24588 Hen SA.WPU.99.6635