1995 1st club, lst Union Warrenton.

Fastest bird recorded in the Union for 1995.

"NEHU/NEC 5203/1982 - Check Cock' - 'The Cheltenham Cock". Busshaert imported form Barkel Bro's U.K. A super racer & breeder. He has bred double winners plus a hen to win Stutterheim. Eleven club wins, plus a lst and 2nd open. This is all up to 1996 even more followed afterwards

This is one of the Champion Long Distance Busschearts bred and raced by Dr. Jeff Horn.

1994 - lst Weenen

1995 - 2nd Modderrivier





"SA 178894/1991 - Mealy Cock" 'Mac's Double". This cock was put straight to stock being the son and exact likeness of Mac's Mealy son of the famous 'Piuto" He was raced into the North East of England by Atkinson & Mac Donald the crack widowhood partnership in the U.N.C. He was best racer into the Sunderland Federation for 5 consecutive years.

1994 - lst Leeu-Gamka

1995 - 4th Leeu-Gamka.

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