By The Resident Expert on The South African Pigeon Mailing List.

 This week the eye plus a photo of the bird has a two fold reason for me selecting it to be published, the first being that this bird belongs to a young teenager, who when I walked into his club, got so excited when he recognised me from the eye sign video his dad had bought him. Well for a teenager to develop pigeons like this one, with only a video to guide him is fantastic, and I hope there are many more new and old that will realise it is out of the reach of nobody to produce this type of bird.

The second of the two fold reasons is, this is the eye that you will find in the majority of the flying machines, but having said that, it is difficult to find the eye to pair with it to keep up the quality.

1. The pupil is small and more reactive than most under the 12 v-50 watt cool light.

2. The adaptation is virtually covered by a super imposed composite sign that only leaves a small window at 2-0-clock and 4-0-clock to view the adaptation. This composite sign is the sign of many double and triple federation winners, and has just about reached maximum quality with this racing sign. A bird with this eye needs to be paired onto a yellow clear to maintain this super quality otherwise they start breeding a few good racers only before the lights go out. It is a fantastic eye for racing but leaves no scope for errors when we wish to reproduce. That is why very few champions are bred from two champions, It is really a case that once you reach a pinnacle like it is in this eye, there is only one way to go if you do not know how to maintain this level and that is downwards or backwards.

3. The correlation is narrow in comparison to the rest of the eye which tells me this bird although a pearl eye will fly the distance.

4 The iris is just about perfect, rich and even, except for a slight fault just between 11 and 12-0-clock where the correlation has made a slight attempt to break through the iris circle.

5.The fifth circle or breeding sign although on this photograph are only visible at the far extremities of the right side of the perimeter, I can assure you a full breeding circle is to be observed when viewed live.

Conclusion, this bird is a racer extraordinaire plus when paired with a view to breeding racer / breeders, would be a good stock pigeon after it's racing career is over.

Congratulations to young Jaco Rossouw on such a beautiful and worthy pigeon.

Yours in Sport
Jack Barkel.