By The Resident Expert on The South African Pigeon Mailing List.


This eye is Kuwait-F- 2001-312116, a Blue Pied Hen bred by Prince Faizel and now the property of Mr Bert Prinsloo.

The eye is a Super Super Yellow, that will race and breed exceptionally well. It has a small reactive pupil, and the super imposed composite on the adaptation is so intense it is difficult to define where the pupil ends and the composite sign begins. This composite sign is 100% over the adaptation apart for a slight breakthrough of the adaptation at 11-0-clock. This is the sign of a superb racer, especially with this 100% composite being serrated as it is.

We then have the Correlation which is a rich yellow to gold in colour, and is very evenly balanced, just enough of this circle to satisfy me completely.

Then we have this deep red iris, again it has not dominated the eye and is hard to fault in any way. It has a soft 3 -D effect which I look for at all times in the iris and the adaptation, these being the two signs that are our creation, and governed by the way we select our pairings.

Then we have the fifth circle which is as thick and comparable with the adaptation, with all the composite sign on top of the adaptation, this may be difficult to distinguish, and one must look at 11-0-clock on the adaptation to compare the fifth circle and the adaptation for compatibility.

Remember the five circles, 1.Pupil, 2.Adaptation, 3.Correlation, 4.Iris, 5. Breeding circle. On this pigeon it is so easy to count and separate these signs, it should leave no doubt what we are looking for as the ultimate overall picture in our minds.

My Rating= Super Super Yellow, 100% Super Imposed, My Choice ***** . Those I rate as five star are the ones I would like to take home. This one was not for sale at any price. The eye of a Champion Racer and also the eye of a future Gold Mine at stock. I wish I was the owner.

Yours in Sport Jack Barkel