By The Resident Expert on The South African Pigeon Mailing List.

Weak Or Faulted Eyes.

The eye attached is a pearl eye, it's father is a Champion Yellow Eyed Stock Cock in a famous loft that is known world wide. He is paired with a pearl eyed hen that is faulted, in so much that the correlation runs right through the iris of the mother at 1-0-clock. The owner however does not want to believe me as some good birds have been produced from this mating. It is living on the quality genes of the sire, the hens off this mating are good having inherited solely from their father, the Cocks are a mixed lot of acceptable and rejects having inherited from both parents.

This eye has a pupil so large that one can drive a truck through it. It has a 50% composite sign super imposed which brands it as a racer. The Iris is none existent in places which proves my point that the correlation starts at the outer edge of the pupil and extends to the outer perimeter of the eye. Other than a fast short blow home race, this bird will not fly out of sight on a dark night. The lack of iris shows such deterioration that it should never be in a stock loft and yet it is???

This eye is rubbish and no bird with this type of eye can be anything but rubbish. I show this eye first, of all the condemned eyes because it is so easy to see it is an out and out reject. As we progress I will help those interested to define the border line cases. Some faulted eyes are not as easy to detect as this one.
Jack Barkel.