By The Resident Expert on The South African Pigeon Mailing List.

Eye Evaluation Of Motown Missile.
Bred and raced by Redrose Lofts.

It is my pleasure to do a critique on such an exceptional pigeon. The owners being Steve & Linda Joneli of Red Rose Lofts soon to relocate to Redmond Oregon USA.

First let me say that the sphincter muscles of this pearl eye are so well balanced and close to perfection, that but for the fact that the photo was taken in America by me, and reproduced by Linda, it could have been suspected of being doctored or a fake. However as this was a joint effort between the Joneli's and myself, this should dispense with any such thoughts. Let me say that in ones travels certain birds have a reaction of making the hairs lift on ones arms, as some would say goose pimples. Motown Missile had this effect on me the first time I handled him.

First we start with the pupil which is the normal small reactive pupil, small must be defined as when taken in a light that is bright enough to cause contraction, but not damaging bright such as direct sunlight and hot lamps that cause the pupil to close to a pin point and can cause permanent damage to the retina.

Second we move on after examination of the pupil to the adaptation. Now on this pigeon it has a racing sign of 40% super imposed, which is the black composite that one can see on this adaptation circle between 9 and 5 -0-clock, and this is the sign of the Super Athlete. Note that the rest of the circle of adaptation is the same colour and thickness as the fifth circle which also qualifies it as a good stock pigeon.

Third, the correlation has not got the tendency to go wide or in other words give much spread, which with physical attributes to match means that this bird will win and breed birds to win from 100 to a 1000 kilometres. Once I see an eye of this calibre, I check the humorus bone plus the wing conformation to see that they are in accordance with what can be seen in the eye. Remember a wide correlation points to a short fast blow home pigeon.

Fourth, the iris is so even and has so much depth that as I said previously it looks as if it was painted on or enhanced by the photographer which I can assure you it is not. This is very rare because of the practice by many, of putting winner to winner which has a short lived success rate.

The fifth circle, also known as the breeding circle is the hardest for me to explain, this is the calcium ring and cannot only show stiffness and old age, but some of the most vital characteristics needed in birds and humans. This bird has it in abundance. There again we must be able to define what we see.

The deterioration of the iris and fifth circle are caused in humans and birds because of the same reason, genes are a selective mechanism of breeding to suit circumstances, when a characteristic isn't needed or kept in use it will slowly breed out of the system, what a pity the pigeon geneticists ignore this factor and in so doing in my opinion decrease their chances of ever being master breeders.

If there is little demand for physical strength and endurance, nature in the form of genes will dispense with it. The skill of an iridologist is to recognise this deterioration and plug the gap before it is too late.

In closing , let me remark that there are many in this field that have written to me with strong visions of grandeur, one even had the cheek to try and put me to a series of tests, well like all the others except two in the world, they no longer keep in contact. Unlike these people, I put my skills on the line for everyone to see and read. Only the fakes and delusory have secrets.
Jack Barkel