By The Resident Expert on The South African Pigeon Mailing List.

Eyes And Photography.

This is a top eye, we can see the sphincter muscles clearly. This eye is about as good as it gets and when paired to the eye below will produce excellent racer breeders.

If we look at the adaptation it is the same colour and thickness as the fifth circle or outer circle, which is a feature we are looking for. On top of the adaptation is a strong composite sign, which for 60% of the eye is super imposed. It has a dilute composite for most of the remainder of the adaptation with some colour seeping through of the original adaptation. The Correlation is more even than the one I showed previously, which is another great feature in this eye, although some of the deep pink of the iris can be seen in the correlation which is a warning sign that the progeny will in time breed a full iris if not controlled carefully. The rest of the iris has remained intact and is of superior quality. The fifth circle is also exceptional making the eye overall a "Super Super Pearl-My Choice.***** Racer/Breeder".

This bird should be a super racer if bone and wing structure are of the same standard.

As a stock pigeon, the best sire for this bird would be a Yellow Clear, with similar eye qualities. If you breed this hen with anything other than a yellow clear, you will breed mainly racers, but paired with the eye void of the composite black sign, the balance of producing racer/breeder progeny will be achieved.

The eye of the Bill Carney Cock (BOTTOM) is a perfect match for this hen to breed winners in every nest. I insert the eye of the Bill Carney Cock for those who have never seen this eye that has been published in my book, and all over the world.Jack Barkel.