THE KIRSTEN SALE. A New Partnership Is Formed.

A surprising new development enfolded at the Kirsten Sale. Jack Barkel who did the photographs for this catalogue, had told the pigeon fanciers world wide about a beautiful blue hen with a star cluster in the eye that he had photographed. Her name is "THE GOLDEN HEN" she has already bred 3 x winners and a son from her has bred 6 x winners. Her Grandsire "Goldenboy" also has the same star cluster in the eye, but in the pearl eye. He has bred 44 x Winners. Jack was approached by Mr Harry Smit, to select a Cock to go with this beautiful hen, and he would bid for them no matter what it took to purchase them. Jack was so impressed with this fantastic pigeon he agreed readily, selected the cock they needed and they went of to the sale with their big secret of the new partnership intact. Their bids were successful, and the two birds returned to Potchefstroom. The Cock was Lot No 7 Blue Cock, SA.WPU.97.D.801 The Hen was Lot No 2 Blue Hen, SA.PRK.94.817.

The Cock is a direct son of "Golden Boy" and " 95" Ref "B" herself a 5 x winner and the breeder of most of the winners in the loft, having bred many Union winners. The Cock was purchased for R4,400-00 The Hen was purchased for R5,400-00 Harry and Jack will share the progeny from this great mating and sell a few to defray the costs of purchase at R1000-00 each. This will be a great opportunity for the discerning fancier to take advantage of this limited offer, to buy some of the best Jansen's in South Africa. Full pedigrees with photo's of birds purchased and their parents will be available with every purchase. DNA test if required at the cost of the purchaser.

Here is Jack & Harry from left to right with Harry's son in the middle a budding young fancier. Harry and Jack are a new partnership with many excellent plans for the future, both in racing and breeding. Jack is holding "Golden Hen" and Harry "Son of Golden Boy" Harry won Six Union 1sts last year with Jack's assistance, watch out for this new team in the near future.

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Jack Barkel