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This is a loft that is breeding winners for people all over South Africa.

It is not enough to be able to say that you have a winning loft, it may not be a family of pigeons, more often than not it is the skill of the fancier. This loft guarantees you will breed winners, they have helped others to become champions in all the provinces. If there were any better pigeons I would have them, these will hold their own in any competition. The standard of breeding techniques will match that of most top breeding stations in the world. Many novices are giving tried and tested fanciers a run for their money from the services I am providing. So often we here the fallacy if you want to buy pigeons go to a winning loft, how many have done just that, only to be disappointed. I say, find out where the winners originated from and that is the place to purchase your stock. The intelligent question should be, how many of your birds produce race winners for others,my answer would be, most all of them. If asked how many races I had won my answer would be, some,but not most all of them. If we as fanciers did our homework when purchasing pigeons as we do in the world of commerce we would be much more successful in our sport. We tend to buy off the champion flyer,and never take the time to find out who are the champion breeders, it is much more difficult to find out where a person bought his pigeons than how he raced them. We also breed the odd dud,whatever is the cause, be it yours, ours or nature,but our motto is, don’t tell others, tell us, and we will replace it. You can’t get a better deal than this that I am aware of anywhere. For eye sign ratings and matings, there is no better service in the whole world today, so whether you want to buy the best or breed your own, stop the guess work and book now, you will not regret it. Many have admitted openly to their success from this service, and many more keep quiet,hoping it never reaches the ears of their competitors.The success of your purchases or eye sign service are guaranteed, hundreds of satisfied customers throughout South Africa.
Enquiries to: Jack or Margaret Barkel. P.O. Box 2202, Potchefstroom 2520
Phone 018-292-1747 or Cel: 083-252-4883

E-mail:  jack@allpets.co.za

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Jack Barkel

E-mail: jack@allpets.co.za