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Jesse Muckerman does it again.
Last year on July 28th 2000 Jesse Muckerman (age 9) at the time took first place GRAND CHAMPION in the Old Cock Class with an imported Busschaert from Jack Barkel at the Boone County Fair, in Columbia Missouri.
This was a 4H project.
Well this beautiful young pigeon enthusiast entered two pigeons, in the 4H pigeon show at Heratige Days in Boone County Missouri on June 22nd 2001. Her father said, I am happy to report that Jesse took Grand Champion Old Cock with the Opal Janssen "The Purple Cock" you sent, and "Overall Grand Champion of all classes" with him also. See picture of the Cock in the Top right hand corner of the picture. She also took Grand Champion in the Young Hen Class with a youngster off the cock above, and the hen we sent to pair with him. The hen can be seen between Jesse and the Judge Mr Henry Forsee. I understand he is a very capable Judge at the age of 85 years.

Harry Smit of The Mooi Rivier Klub, Potchefstroom.

Harry, had just started with pigeons when he was recommended to ask Jack to help him to race and breed successfully. Jack paired all his pigeons, and in the following year, 1999 his second year flying he won six first unions in the Westelike Posduif Unie. There are rumours that in 2001, Jack will spend a lot of time at Harry's Lofts where he will be helping in the conditioning, and preparation for finding form for the races. This could develop into an interesting partnership, with Harry doing the basketing and taking to the club, and Jack helping with training and suggestions around the loft.

Harry's 1st Union Positions for 1999 Season were as follows. 1st-Union Pietersburg Open
1st Union Messina Yearling Gold Ring
1st Union Francistown Hens Special
1st Union Mpandamatenga Open
1st Union Reddersburg Yearling
1st Union Graaf Reinet Open 2

This for a virtual new starter is a record in it's own right in most Unions or Federations. Jack feels that Harry having experienced this early success, will drive himself to even greater success in the world of Pigeon Racing.

ach2.jpg (38957 bytes)This is Harry with his son right front and his son's friend, taken on one of his weekly visits to Jacks breeding station. Could these two boys be a new partnership in the future, they are certainly getting the right exposure.

Hello Jack,
Some info on last week results. Please note that I am not bragging I just want to share my results with a man who will be proud of my son who is proud of an Uncle Jack.
1st and 2nd in the Fed with a 25min win plus 5 placings under 20th. I think this is now the 4th Fed win, 4 2nds and lots of other placings, but on club level we have already 22 certificates which include (9 ) first prizes, (7) 2nd prizes, (5) 3rd prizes and 75 placings between 4th and 20th position. With that we are the short and middle distance champions, O/B champion leading with 120 points, champion loft leading with 309 points.
Leading the Final Club Championship. Things that Deon is proud of; nomination wins, a food processor for Mom, a sheep for the deep-freeze, 50kg pigeon food, 12 cokes for him and sister and 12 beers for Dad, and then cash of R250.
We have 5 races to go and then I can rest a bit. Jack please note that I will be on leave from the 8th of Sep to 26th of Sep. I hope to take a break and go catch some big Carp, although it will be still racing season. Maybe you will also have a visit from us at this time.
Keep well my Friend

This pretty young lady Jesse Muckerman (age 9) took first place GRAND CHAMPION in the Old Cock Class with an Imported Busschaert from Jack Barkel at the Boone County Columbia Missouri on July 28th 2000, this was a
4H project.
Jim says his daughter Jesse chose the bird herself to put on the show, here is Jim with the Grizzle W.F Cock, a product of Dr Jeff Horns Grizzles and Charter Flight bloodlines from Jack Barkel.

Hello Jack,
How are you doing? I am working night shift and I just want to talk to the most famous fancier I have ever known. Well my friend on my side everything just keeps on going fine. I have so much to tell you about the pigeons and results but I prefer to keep it simple and please know that me and Deon will always remember you. To keep it simple: At this stage leading with everything. This week we have a 10min win in the FED (507km) She did it last year with 10 min from Colesburg and this week from Edenburg. Well my friend I hope that you will keep on going strong in what ever you are doing. I need to hear from you soon.


Andries Schoultz and his daughter flew separate teams in 1998, all the birds have been rated and mated by Jack Barkel since 1996. His methods have also been largely adopted in this successful loft. This is a transcript of his letter.
Hello Jack,
Here are the results for 1998 when Anita and myself flew separate teams.

Positions= ANDRIES Positions= ANITA
Warden 10.11.17.
Kroonstad .
Kempton Park 2.3. . 4.5.6
Pienaarsrivier 2.12. 1.5.11.
Kempton Park 1.17.
Bethlehem .
Potchefstroom 2.3.5.
Mafikeng .
Lichtenburg 2.10.20.
Lois Trichardt 6.20. 2.10.12.
Naboomspruit 7.12.
Messina 11.18. 13.19.20.
Pietersburg 10.13.14.

Jack, the 1999 results are not complete with three races missing but we won two of them and we were 2nd in the other, the rest are as follows. Anita and I flew as one team this year.
7x1st-Prizes. 12x 2nd Prizes. 11x3rd prizes. 7x4th Prizes. 3x5th prizes.

Today 8/7/2000, our club raced from Harrismith we were 1st and 2nd with our positions for the five races this year standing at:- 2x1st Prizes. 4x2nd Prizes. 4x3rd Prizes 2x4th Prizes & 2x5th Prizes.

wpe2.jpg (21331 bytes)

This photo of Andries was taken by Jack whilst accompanying  Andries on a training toss. Anita stayed at the loft to receive the birds on their return. A fantastic Father Daughter Partnership.
Achievements by Rassie Erasmus and son Deon of Kriel.

Hello Jack.
I want to thank you again for all your support, ideas, help and motivation over the past few months.
I have some very very good news for you.

Firstly last weeks results Yearlings= 7th 10th 15th Old Birds= 3rd 4th 5th 8th 15th 19th.
This Week Yearlings 1st 2nd 4th 15th (Brilliant) Old Birds 1st 2nd 4th 8th 9th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th.

Now my friend the good news!!!! We made it ( Short Distance Champion)Only with one point but that is good enough. What can I say more? Deon is floating in the sky. Keep well that side and if I can do something for you it is done.
Rassie & Deon.

Jack, Deon asked me to give you some highlights, just to say thanks. Some highlights all out of the first six races.
41 positions between 1 to 20
3 x 1st Prizes
4 x 2nd Prizes
4 x 3rd prizes
2 x 4th prizes
6 x 5th Prizes
leading with 84 points on the Club Champion Loft.
Leading with 54 points on the Old Bird Championship
Bird with the fastest speed
2000 Short Distance Champion ( Deon Erasmus)
Keep well

Introduction Of Two Pigeon Fanciers.

ach1pic1.jpg (25352 bytes)

Stefan Coetzee.

Federation Champion 1999.

ach1pic2.jpg (30940 bytes)

Jaap Poolman.

Federation Yearling Champion 1999.

ach1pic5.jpg (70118 bytes)
ach1pic6.jpg (29499 bytes)ach1pic4.jpg (18826 bytes)

44143 is one of our top producers Sire the Famous Mac's Mealy & the Imported Dark Hen
118461 is a double winner for us, off Mac's Mealy and 44143.
7656 is a triple winner and Long Distance Champion as a yearling. Dr Jeff Horn Lines.

ach1pic3.jpg (19106 bytes)

Phone:018 292 1747               Cell 083 252 4883

Stefan and Jaap are big buddies flying in the Schoonspruit Posduif Club in Ventersdorp which is part of the Stellaland Wedvlugduif Federasie, they are 150 members strong.
They train together and have their birds rated and mated every year by Jack Barkel to his eyesign method. Not only that, but they have invested in many birds from the Jack Barkel Pedigree Breeding Station. This will soon take over as the foundation of their lofts.
Stefan is the proud owner of Grizzle Cock SA.96.86036, It's Grandparents are a Dr Jeff Horn Busschaert and a Grand Daughter of Dr Jeff Horn's famous "Charter Flight".
This Grizzle Cock became South African National Middle Distance Champion for 1999, beating 886,008 birds on the computorised coeficient system.
When Stefan went to Port Elizabeth to claim his prize he was not secretive in telling all who attended where his birds were coming from.
Jaap suggested that Stefan bring this Champion back to the Breeding Station and pair it up with some of the top Busschaert stock hens.
On Friday the 16th June Stefan brought 86036 to the breeding station where he has been allotted a breeding pen of his own and will be paired up shortly. Stefan and Jack will take one each from each mating with probably something for Jaap the negotiator, and the rest will be offered to the pigeon fraternity at R1000 or $300.US. each.
The first pair have been booked already by a Mr Jaap Marais, before this could ever be published.
This will be a great opportunity for the discerning fancier to get blood lines that are winning Feds in S/A every week. Wins reported from Capetown, Free State, Natal and Transvaal onlt three weeks into the year 2000 season.

Letter received Sunday 25th June from Piet Delport. Wesselsbron/Free State.

Performances for 1999
Reddersburg Year Olds- 19/06/99 1st,2nd, 3rd,4th,5th.
Reddersburg Open 19/06/99 1st,2nd,3rd.4th,5th,6th,7th,8th.
Smithfield Year Olds 03/07/99 1st,2nd,3rd,
Smithfield Open 03/07/99 1st,2nd,3rd,4th.
Graaf-Reinet 11/09/99 1st,3rd,4th,5th,6th,
I won 10(ten) Races, 6 Seconds, and 8(eight) thirds. I did not compete in 4(four) races.

Francois's performances:
Trompsburg Year Olds- 10/07/99 1st,2nd, 3rd.
Trompsburg Open 10/07/99 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th.
Franscois won 11(eleven)Races 7(Seven)2nds and 9(nine)thirds.
Together we won twenty one races and we did not compete in the other seven.
Thanks for all your assistance, the lovely pigeons and the nice day we spent together yesterday.
Best Wishes,
Piet Delport & Francois van Heerden

ach2pic1.jpg (27727 bytes)

Background of these two big friends.

Piet & Francois first came to Jack for assistance in 1996 , since their
meeting with him they have continuously dominated the Freestate club of Wesselsbron. They have their birds rated and mated every year by Jack and even until yesterday regularly make a new introduction to their stock loft from the Jack Barkel Pedigree Breeding Station.
Under Jack's guidance they have very few rejects these days breeding winner after winner, much to the dismay of their competitors.. This is a pattern becoming only too obvious to discerning fanciers throughout South Africa.

Since Piet and Francois came to Jack in 1996 they have remained Club Champion between them each year. They are farmers each living at opposite ends of the town Wesselsbron, therefore can not both be accused of favorable loft positions.

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Jack Barkel