Chocolate Meulemans

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All birds fore sale of those pairs listed below at R300-00 each. Own transport must be arranged from Potchefstroom. No birds available off reference birds.

Ref 1
Ref 2

Ref 3

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Stock Pairs

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Pair 1
Cock SA.WPU.04.7108 Hen SA.2005.41086
Pair 2
Cock SA.WPU.04.7195 Hen SA.WPU.99.3355
Pair 3
Cock SA.WPU.04.4530 Hen SA.2005.41009
Pair 4
Cock SA.WPU.04.7086 Hen SA.WPU.04.7069
Pair 5
Cock NRHU.1999.4250 Hen SA.2005.41091
Pair 6
Cock SA.2005.41189 Hen SA.2005.41255
Pair 7
Cock SA.WPU.04.4529 Hen SA.2005.41016
Pair 8
Cock SA.2005.41175 Hen SA.2005.41243