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Stock Pairs

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Pair 1
Cock SA.WPU.98.954 Hen SA.WPU.98.996
Pair 2
Cock SA.WPU.99.6680 Hen SA.WPU.99.6685
Pair 3
Cock SA.WPU.97.2470 Hen SA.98.718
Pair 4
Cock SA.WPU.04.6961 Hen RSA.2000.086
Pair 5
Cock SA.WPU.99.6282 Hen SA.WPU.98.763
Pair 6
Cock SA.2002.64863 Hen SA.WPU.01.6258
Pair 7
Cock SA.WPU.99.3347 Hen SA.WPU.01.6125
Pair 8
Cock SA.WPU.04.6950 Hen SA.2005.41046
Pair 9
Cock SA.WPU.99.3383 Hen SA.92.4348
Pair 10
Cock SA.2000.24490 Hen SA.2000.24540
Pair 11
Cock SA.WPU.99.6655 Hen SA.WPU.97.2842
Pair 12
Cock SA.WPU.98.2859 Hen SA.WPU.99.6673
Pair 13
Cock SA.2000.24535 Hen SA.2002.64814