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The Chessie System Photo Archives. If you like trains with cats on, you just have to see this! Dean Heacock must have spent half a lifetime, or possibly even longer, to photograph just about every locomotive and caboose that ever wore Chessie paint, as well as a huge amount of other Chessie equipment. He also shows pictures of those locos and cabeese that were never repainted into cat paint and kept on wearing their Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio or Western Maryland livery during the Chessie era. And when the day came that Chessie used up the last of her nine lives, he started photographing the locomotives of Chessie's successor, the CSX railroad.

Fallen Flag Railroad Photos. George Elwood manages what must be the largest railroad-related site anywhere on the web. Like Dean Heacock's Chessie site, this site is invaluable to researchers, model train manufacturers and modelers of virtually any railroad, since it contains photographs and data of over 600 Fallen Flag and Shortline railroads and all the major railroads of the USA and Canada. These photos were taken from the late 1800s to right now. A while ago I suggested to him that he also open a page on ships containers, since these have become very much a part of railroading. He agreed, and requested that I also send him pictures of South African trains, since there was then still no page on the SAR/Spoornet on his site. This is now making this site even more enormous.....

Tales From The Krug. Al Krug is a locomotive engineer for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad who lives at Sheridan, Wyoming, USA, who regularly publishes essays on his website, highlighted by incredible pictures taken "at work". Ever seen two or three Boeing aircraft taking a train trip? Have a look!


Dave Alexander, Shorewood, Minnesota, USA. Dave is an N scaler who has turned the selling of N scale train items on eBay into a fine art. His auctions are more addictive than nicotine and he has already made a few serious dents in my bank account, even though I have not bought a single item from him yet that I didn't consider a bargain.

Don Crano, Akron, Ohio, USA. This Don is the Godfather (pun very much intended!) of Digital Command Control (DCC), especially the Digitrax system, and the answers to most of the questions that model railroaders may have on just about any aspect of DCC can be found in his pages.

George Irwin, Ellison Park, New YorkČ, USA. George is a writer of essays and short stories, an historian on the first generation of Atlas N scale model trains, and the self-appointed reporter on all new releases by Micro-Trains. And he does a good job of it all, often with tongue deep in cheek. All this and more can be found on his website, and in his own words, it's free and worth at least that much.

Bob Young, Clinton, Ontario, Canada. Before clicking here to visit Bob's South Huron & Ontario Rail Transit (SHORT) Line Model Railroad, make sure your PC's sound is turned on. It will be well worth it to turn the volume up some too.....


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