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One day this birdie guy in the Kalahari found his dream girl and convinced her that they should set up home together. So they went out to find a convenient telephone pole and he built them the home of their dreams in which to live happily ever after.

Then one day the inlaws came to visit for a while. And the next thing the poor guy knew, they had moved in to stay. Gone was all privacy in the now crowded house! He soon came to the conclusion that the only way he would be able to preserve his sanity would be to enlarge the house.

But then some nephews also started to move in, as well as some of his old army buddies and even some folks he didn't even know. And before he knew what had hit him, his home was starting to look like an apartment block.

Then some illegal immigrants arrived from Nigeria, and when eventually some squatters also started to move in, things really started to go south.

When the drug pushers and the gangsters finally took control, the poor guy discovered to his horror that the dream house had turned into a rat's nest.

A friend of his was a sharp cookie. When he discovered that he was soon going to be faced with a similar situation, he took action early and started over at the top before things got out of hand.

I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere.....


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