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For both of us this is our second marriage, so there's us and a couple of hers and a couple of his, but no ours, unless you want to include the pets. Here we are, from the youngest up.

Dries Maree is Maggie's youngest. He's still studying logistics and lives with his father in Kempton Park.

André Kritzinger II, aka Klippies or Boesman, is André's youngest. He lives in Pretoria and works as a computer technician.

Annemarie Kritzinger is André's first born. She's lawyer with a law firm in Pretoria. Here she is displaying her "ja, right!" expression.

Natasha Kruger is Maggie's first born and the splitting image of her mother. She's into marketing and also lives in Pretoria. On 25 April 2003 she married AB Kruger, the son of one of André's Air Force colleagues. Look here for more about this great event.

This is Maggie. Before we retired, she was a psychologist and at times a bus driver. The beaming smile that she's displaying here usually appears the moment "Going Back West" of Boney M starts to play.

And the grumpy-looking one is me, on the left back in the previous century when I still had to shave every day, and before I retired from the South African Air Force in March 1999 after a 32 year career. (No, I wasn't a pilot, I worked!) These days I'm working to a seven day weekend system and I clearly look a lot the worse for it.....


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