Welcome all those who have graced my website with their attention. I would Like to take a moment to discuss the concepts and ideals I have sternly upheld and strived to cultivate over the years within my school. My school has attained a wonderful atmosphere over the past years, one that is inviting to all who choose to embark upon the Tai Chi path. I constantly strive to create intense, yet enjoyable and relaxing lessons that appeal to the calm and ever blissful aspect of our personalities.

My school does not attempt to embrace the ego, but to rather move away from it and by doing so, enjoy the class as an individual on a level that works for you. Tai Chi has been an incredible driving force in my life for many years, and has had the most profound impact on the way I live and interact with others, and it is through these daily experiences that I feel the need to share with the world what Tai Chi has shared with me. My school does not dish out accolades or compete in competitions, for I believe the ultimate prize is inner fulfilment, and the ultimate competition within us.

Tai Chi is a art, that through our dedication, strives to alleviate the stresses of daily living, and accentuate our lives and control there over, therefore my goal at the end of every lessons is having the student leave calm and refreshed with new found strength to enthusiastically take upon any challenge that presents itself. I myself have been involved in the martial arts for 10 years with absolute dedication, striving for the very ultimate levels I can attain, and by so doing, guide my students to the best of my current ability.