Compact powered mixer

The purpose of this mixer is to extend my existing setup.  For this reason it has only four mono channels. Each channel has a gain control as well as a simple LED PLI to set up an ideal signal level for the channel. Thereafter follows a low-cut as well as a high-cut filter. The filters is followed by a 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid. Each channel also has a auxiliary send. Lastly each channel has a Pan as well as a Fader (Level) control. Each channel has a direct out. Below are some photo's of the mixer.

Below is a photo of the front panel. The most of the panel is taken up by the knobs of the four mono input channels. Right next to that is the computer interface which is used to configure signal routing, etc. The right-most section is the master section which contains the Power Amplifier and Headphone Amplifier volume controls, as well as the level control for the Stereo input.

Below is a photo of the backpanel. Each channel has a 1/4" balanced microphone input as well as a RCA line level input. Each channel also has a line level direct output, which is ussually sent to the multitrack recorder. The Auxilliary has an feedthrough input as well as an output, it can therefore be easily linked to another mixing desk. The backpanel also contains two stereo inputs as well as a stereo mix output. Next to the channel inputs are the power amplifier outputs. The speakers are connected using 1/4" mono jack plugs. There is also a headphone output if speakers are not used.

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