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Homepage of Bertie Genade

I am an electronics engineer who have started my own business, Gentronics, a little over ten years ago. I have a Masters degree in electronic engineering, which I have obtained at the University of Stellenbosch. I am based near Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa. The companies I am doing contract work for includes the Medical Faculty of the University of Stellenbosch, the University of the Western Cape, Gabriel S.A, Blue Cube, Cinegate  and Table Mountain Motion Picture Studios.

I design and build or upgrade equipment in the fields of audio, video, laboratory equipment and industrial electronics. Examples of these can be found on this webpage. I also do repairs of laboratory equipment including waterbaths, sentrifuges, stills and power supplies. I also do repairs of older audio equipment.


   Curriculum Vitae
   Laboratory equipment
   Home related equipment
   Audio related projects
   Disco lighting related projects
   TV/Video related projects
   Additional projects
   Workshop related projects
   Computer based projects
   Computer related projects
   Software related projects
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Temperature alarms:

SMS Temperature alarm
Temperature alarm
Server room temperature alarm


Laboratory equipment:

Laboratory rotator
Gas controller
Electronic timer
Automatic water shut-off valve
Low temperature hotplate
Incubator controller
16-channel Random switch
MultiGene PCR thermal cyclers
High voltage electrophoresis power supplies
Rat heart thermometer
PC based chart recorder
ECG Tester Unit
Thermister simulator
Pressure transducer simulator
Benchmark Microplate reader control software

Home related equipment:

Fridge/Freezer protector

Audio related projects:

Personal in-ear monitoring system
Audio digital signal processor
Integrated Hi-fi amplifier
Stereo disco mixer
Guitar Headphone Amplifier
Compact Powered Mixer
Switchpanel/Speaker Emulator

Disco lighting related projects:

Compact sound to light units
Advanced disco lighting controller
Computer controlled laser show system
Mobile Laser/Light Controller PC

TV/Video related projects:

VHF/UHF spectrum analyzer
Computer based TV test pattern generator
IVS monitor power supply
LCD monitor
Workshop related projects:
Audio signal tracer
Earth leakage current measurer
Lamp ballast
Shaker table
UV exposure unit / light box
Benchtop power supplies
Electronic workbench
Additional projects:
DC Motor Servo Controller PC Card
Analog Interface PC card
Additional projects

Computer based projects:

These projects consist of hardware design as well as software design

T700 shock absorber test machine upgrade
3D Marker tracking system
Computer controlled laser show system

Computer related projects:

Server room temperature alarm

Software related projects:
PCDRAW drawing program
Computer game
Chua chaotic oscillator simulation
Digital audio workstation software
Additional software projects


These are documents which I have written while I was busy designing equalizers for an audio mixer.

Analog implementation of equalizers
Digital implementation of equalizers
Parametric mid design

The documents below are part of my Master's Thesis and relates to 3D marker recognition and motion analysis.

Marker recognition
Three-dimensional calibration

Contact details: