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Fridge/Freezer protector

The fridge/freezer protector protects a fridge and/or freezer's compressor from damages which may occur due to power interruptions.  When the power is interrupted and switches back on, this unit has a time delay before switching power back on to the fridge and/or freezer. The left-and socket's power is switched on first and after another small time delay the right-hand socket's power is switched on. Normally when power is switched back on by a utility company a lot of devices switches on simultaneously which may cause voltage spikes and/or unstable power for that instant. This unit prevents that from reaching and damaging appliances by means of the time delay. Another thing that can damage the compressor motor is if there is a quick interruption which does not gives enough time for the coolant gas at the high pressure side of the compressor to dissipate into the evaporator. When power is now switched back on, the compressor needs to restart at full load and this may burn out the compressor. The time delay of this unit also prevents this since the time delay is long enough to enable the high pressure gas to dissipate into the evaporator. This unit may also be used with other low power appliances.

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