Bertie Genade

Date of birth: 1973-06-05
Nationality:  South African


B.Ing (Electronic)
M.Ing (Electronic)
Hardware and software development
Low-level hardware programming
Computerisation of equipment
Analogue and digital electronics
Audio and Video
Control systems
Power electronics
Power supplies
Project development
Component sourcing and buying
PCB layout and design including SMT
Project documentation


Intel 8031 family microcontrollers
ATMEL AT89C2051 microcontroller
SGS-Thompson ST62E10/15/20/25 family microcontrollers
Microchip PIC12F675, PIC16F84, PIC16F877 family microcontrollers
Texas instruments TMS320C31 DSP
BASIC (GW-BASIC and Quick Basic)
Assembly language
Windows 98, 95, 3.1x, MS-DOS
Orcad, Tango, Spice
BT848 based video capture cards
Low-level IDE/ATA/ATAPI interfacing
ARRI and Moviecam film cameras
Pressure and temperature transducers


Gentronics      1995 - present

Gentronics is an electronics company specialising in the development and manufacturing or upgrading of specialised equipment. I have computerised a shock absorber carding machine for Gabriel SA shock absorbers. I also designed and build numerous equipment for the medical faculty of the University of Stellenbosch. These equipment includes a PC based chart recorder, PCR machine control software, high voltage electrophoresis power supplies as well as electronic thermometers.

I have also designed various audio and lighting devices, including amplifiers, mixers, an in-ear monitoring system, sound to light units, strobe lights and a PC controlled laser show system.

I also do electronics repairs of laboratory equipment.

Cine Licht Afrika    2002 - 2004
Electronic engineer (contract)

I was part of the development team for new electronic products that are used in the film industry. Products I was working on includes LCD video monitors, cable testers and ring lights. I also did repairs on some of the equipmemt for them.

Mushroom Biomedical Systems  Oct 1999 - Oct 2001
Electronic engineer (contract)

I was part of the development team of a new medical product. I was primarily in charge of developing all the electronic as well as the software aspects of the product, including any specialised test equipment needed. I also took part in developing the user interface of the product.

University of Stellenbosch   1996
Student assistant

I assisted students during tutorials and practicals of the 3rd year control systems course.


University of Stellenbosch   Feb 1996 - Mar 1999

I designed an 3D computer vision marker tracking system for human gait analysis as part of my Masters thesis. I also published the article "Overview and comparison of methologies for 3D human motion analysis" in the Elektron Journal, October 1996, co-author with Prof. A. Schoonwinkel and J. Wessels.

University of Stellenbosch   Feb 1992 - Des 1995
B.Ing. (Electronic)

As my final year project I designed a computer controlled laser show system.

D.F. Malan High school    Jan 1988 - Des 1991

Matric A-aggregate, Subjects included Mathematics, Natural Science and Accounting.


Sound recording
Computer programming