This is a microprocessor based accented metronome. It has a beats per minute range from 40 bpm to 200 bpm. The beats per bar can also be changed. It has a speaker output as well as a line output. The output volume is adjustable. It also has a build-in test tone generator. Below are some photos of the unit:

The user's interface consists of a big calibrated rotary knob that adjusts the beats per minute rate, 4 push button switches, and 3 LEDs. A green LED indicates that the power is switched on. A yellow LED indicates that the metronome is playing. A red LED flashes every time a beat is generated. The PLAY/PAUSE button enables/disables the beat generation of the metronome. The START button starts the beat generation, but before it starts with the actual beats, it generates 3 beeps to indicate to everybody that the countdown is about to start. By pressing the TONE button, a constant tone is generated. 
Below is a photo of the top side of the metronome.

The line output is on the left hand side. If a lead is plugged in, the speaker is automatically muted. The power switch is the center. The volume control is on the right hand side.

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