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Chapter 322

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Midrand, South Africa.

Updated 2009-06-02 13:41:34 +0200

Chapter 322 now again issues an individual Newsletter which is available only at the monthly meeting ... postage costs & unreliability...

BUT: we can put you on our mailing list - just email and we'll forward this in PDF format ... not big at all!

This Website contains news of our Chapter Members & other interesting peoples activities, so do visit regularly!

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Cape town - London - Cape town Record Attempt

Summary: In May 2009 an attempt will be made to better a long-standing aviation record for light aircraft, using a GP 4 non-type certified (homebuilt) light aircraft. Chalkie Stobbart an airline captain with South African Airways (SAA) will attempt to break the record which was set in February 1939 for a return flight between London and Cape Town, solo, using a single engined aircraft.

see lower down for much more detail!

322 Presidents Report

Space is at a premium and not having had our lifeblood Newsletter in January due to our Editor’s workload, I must be brief with all the news


We cancelled the customary January meeting as I understand is the norm.  Despite this decision having been made in November, a few wayward souls pitched up none the less at Dickie Fritz on Wednesday 7 / 01.  In place of a normal 322 Chapter monthly meeting, the club decided to support a visit to Rudi Greyling’s hangar at Springs to see his stunning RV 6.  We catered for 32 people and 44 pitched up.  Rudi showed us the most enthralling video of 2600 pictures flashed at us in 10 minutes of his RV’s construction – it was magnificent. 


We have committed our Chapter to convene the 2009 EAA National Convention which will be held in Bethlehem this year.  Vice Chairman Pierre Laubscher is the convener for this project and he will need many hands to make it a success.  Nine of us travelled to Bethlehem to discuss the Convention with the Bethlehem Flying Club.  A wonderful offer by the enthusiastic BFC was made for us to hold our convention on 27 and 28 August with their major Airshow following on the Saturday 29. Much more about this will follow after the idea is endorsed by EAA National hopefully on 7 March.  I attended the Krugersdorp EAA Chapter meeting on 21 Feb as these folk are co-convening Convention 2009 under Pierre Laubscher’s leadership and they are very enthusiastic about the idea.


Bethlehem Flying Club has undertaken to organize the 2009 EAA 322 Sun ‘n Fun weekend fly-in.  After the success of the 2008 S ’n F, it was a no brainer to seek out another venue for the 2009 event.  


Margate is now again under the control of The Hibiscus Municipality with SA Airlink having relinquished their lease.  I visited the authorities there during my holiday there in January to carry out preliminary investigations about EAA using Margate for the 2010 EAA Convention and / or the 2010 Sun ‘n Fun weekend.  The authorities have expressed serious interest in this venture. There has been a ground swell of support for Margate ever since we departed as an organization.


Our February Chapter meeting was very well attended with a delegation from Chapter 575 and several visitors.  Archie Kemp was to have shown us a John Denver 16mm movie “On Wings of Dreams”.  Unfortunately Archie’s old projector broke down and a replacement could not be found in time.  The show will hopefully be shown at our March Chapter meeting.


The Auditorium provided an unusual theme for the February Talk Show.  We featured Buzz Bezuidenhout and David Dwyer who enlightened us to some of the pleasures of helicopter aviation and the intricacies of UN relief work, living in Central Africa and operations supporting oil drilling and diamond mining.  David Dwyer is involved in helicopter ops that involve as many as 70 take offs and landings daily – phew, I get twitchy just thinking about it!  The Auditorium and our Talk Shows are a phenomenon whose success is very much due to Jeremy and Anne Woods who pursue this endeavor of EAA with gusto.


Rick Waldow, our newest and tallest member, stepped into the breach and spoke about his airplanes, and some of his personal aviation history. What a fascinating fellow who has owned about 15 airplanes.  Rick will possibly be an interviewee at one of our “Flying Legends Talk Shows” down the line.  After about 27 Talk Shows, the formula for making them a success is finely honed.  The March 12 show will feature Felix Van Rensburg, a WWII fighter pilot who is also Commissioner of Air Scouts in SA and Paul Kruger who was a bomber pilot in WWII.  As the host for this show, I’m really looking forward to the event.  Both our guests are spry and looking forward to this experience.


On 27 and 28 March, Vernon Mc Claren from the East Rand Chapter has gathered his “Pub Niters” together to perform a “Barnyard Theatre” type evening of adult entertainment with song, dancing, music and especially laughter as a fund raising effort for the Auditorium.  All profits will go to EAA and should we do our part, a substantial sum is there for the taking.  Tables of  8 persons are still available at R100 / head.  Let’s support this initiative with gusto, it should be a fun evening.  Tickets and reservations can be made with Jeremy and Anne Woods at or 011 888 8495


Future projects I would like to see introduced is a Warbird section within our Chapter 322.  I would also like to make our Newsletter available via cyberspace after consultation and research with the committee and the Editor of course.  I do believe the fresh Newsletter is an essential medium for our Chapter and is a hopefully a draw-card for members to attend our monthly meetings.


Keep safe and keep on building !


Karl Jensen—Chapter President EAA 322


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