I have several interests, and being a boots and all person, all of these interests are actively pursued.

Flying - once this bug has bitten, you're in for it big time...so I fly a Partenavia P64B. follow this lead to see pictures and a brief description of the tremendous fun this little machine has given. Jean also flies one, much bigger and better - a Cherokee Six 300. And we have a share in an Aeronca Chief 11AC.

Cozy Mk IV

Amateur Aircraft Building

More flying - of course, once into this field, one gets introduced to the EAA, the bug gets bigger and you just got to build one yourself. Follow this lead for a view of the COZY Mark IV - my dabbling in the homebuilt aircraft sector.

EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association - more flying...:-)...follow this lead to find out more about this organization. This is the leading body in the D I Y Aircraft industry. Its members have been responsible for just about all the progress made in aviation since the late 60's.

EAA - Chapter 322 Newsletter published here - one month after the paper copy hits the Chapter members - this is a condensed version, omitting any copyright material and cutting items to fit the space. Why don't you have a look at the web page and visit us at Grand Central Airport.

So visit us again.

Meanwhile - to satisfy your quest for more knowledge - check out the Cozy Websites

at http://cozy.canard.com and see a lot more from there!

or email me at cvh@iafrica.com