Chris Van Hoof's Cozy Mk IV

Plan # 219


Chapter 09 - Main Landing Gear & Landing Brake

Don't be fooled, this is a lengthy Chapter and was tricky.

Mostly because I misunderstand things so easily,

reading the plans a couple of times over gets things in perspective ...

and the Cozy Archives help a lot too...

First torsional lay-ups came off - clean the pump! Now, do the same again ...

Next lot held fine, we learned from this!

Attach Tab Lay-ups in squeeze.

Then it got busy at the office ... this turned into a "depression" because I made no progress. Later the decision was made to make headway or get rid of the project ... so see the note on "Luck" in Ch 11. 

Thus it came to be that Rego was helping me with the installation of the  axles and related cutting of the gear leg ends. It really is faster if you have done this before :-)


Our installation was done as per plans regarding the sight marks, but we found a tiny machined hole thru the axle. here we fitted a small brass tube, available from model hobby shops, and fitting this in the hole made for a perfect sight pipe.

Temporary tires are castaway stuff from the local airport, fitted with an automotive tube, plain drilled thru the sidewall ... not too clever having expensive aviation stuff perish, while you build on (heaven knows how long I may still take to complete this project)... and will replace them before it goes to the airport for flight testing !


Chapter 10 - Canard

Another builder in SA had some free time, the jigs and he manufactured this for me ... will let you know how it flies...


Chapter 11 - Elevators

Since he made the Canard and was on speed, he went on and made these parts as well. ...

Then I did nothing, due to work ...

Luck !

When my Jean informed me that she was going to Cape Town for 10 days to see the grandchildren, Rego (another Cozy Builder) came over for that time in order to kick start the lagging performance. So we worked by day and partied all night ... but there was progress.

Later the wingtips were added. Note that the "L" jig used to mount the elevators to the canard sets this at - 15 deg. so when you do the wingtips you need to make another jig, or work with the template from the "marked" line shown on fig 21, Pg 7, Ch 11. 


Chapter 12 - Canard Installation.

The Canard was manufactured in PE by Rego Burger and posted to me during the Cricket season.

(Cricket is a game played with two sets of three sticks with little bits of wood balanced on top, a leather ball and a flat bat. A bowler, a batsman and "fielders". Runs are between the sets of sticks. Out is when the ball is caught, or the little bits of wood get knocked off. I think it's the origin of baseball. Nothing to do with noisy insects. Explanation by John Slade)

This then went into storage and was fitted to the fuselage by Rego when he came up to Jhb to help get the Cozy progress into fast forward.

Just for fun we had to assemble outside to see the complete toy so far :-) 2002 Oct


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