Chris van Hoof is a qualified and registered Architect, practicing from his Studio situated in the beautiful suburb of Bryanston, near Johannesburg.

The Practice makes use of Associates located in Roodepoort and Pretoria, to be able to cope with our workload. Our Roodepoort Studio is manned by Jack Herson and his team, while Danie van Wyk is the responsible person in Pretoria.

This Association combines the expertise of the practices on order to satisfy our clients. Through our special blend of technological experience, innovative thinking and creative design, and not only in architecture in it's purest form, but in other aspects such as Industrial Design, Graphics, Logo's and even Clothing we can serve our community to its fullest intention.

The Complete Service: -

Our services are available from the Appraisal & Definition of the Project, through the Conceptualization of the Design, to the Design Development and on to the Technical Documentation, ending with the Contract Administration & Inspection.

Special Supplementary Services we offer are: -

Site Selection - Environmental Study - Energy Conservation - Economic feasibility - Market Surveys - Traffic - Town Planning & Urban Design - Master Site Planning of future buildings related to current works -Landscape Design - Promotional Material - Art Work & Graphics - Interior Design, including the selection, documentation & procurement of furniture and furnishings and special finishes or fixtures - Plant procurement, operational and production layouts - Survey & Inspect Existing Premises - Measuring up & recording of Existing Buildings - Renovations - Restorations - Valuations - Demolitions - Maintenance & Operating Manuals - Special Project Management Services


The Studio is experienced in the following sectors:

Schools, Hotels and Shopping Centers

Churches, Sunday School Centers and Welfare Centers

Townhouse & Cluster Housing Developments

Mass Housing Development to Exclusive Residences

Offices Multi-story and High-rise

Workshops, Factories and Warehousing

Airport Hangars / Offices and Maintenance Workshops

Service Stations to Social Clubs

Garden Cottages & Holiday Homes

Interior Decor to Offices and Shops and Restaurants

All the above is nationwide and International to USA, Cyprus, Zambia and South West Africa.

The Associate in Roodepoort is Jack Herson, while the Pietersburg Associate is Danie van Wyk.

All Architectural work is undertaken using the South African Institute of Architects scale of fees.

This Fee scale is based on the principle of "a fair fee for a fair service", which ensures that you get a fair deal and is not expensive if you consider that this fee is adjustable using the principle of "reduced fee for reduced work"


Here are some examples of my work :

This Township Development came to a halt when the Municipality of Johannesburg demanded unrealistic high prices for the undeveloped land, after leading us all up the garden path during the tender stages.

Residence Steenkamp in Boskruin is a magnificent multistory abode with an unsurpassed 150 degree panoramic view.

Residence Coetzee in Boskruin (other side of the hill) is a modern house with interesting features, the house may appear small, but don't let the looks deceive you, 4 Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining, Family & Study. All this and a beautiful setting too. The thatch house creeping into the picture was also designed by this Studio.

Residence Rogers

Hurlingham contains the normal accommodation for South African homes and a music studio.



Residence Macdonald in Waterford Estate

View from the East 

View from the North West - don't talk about the patched photo ;-)

Stair Detail

Balcony Detail

Lounge Roof

Kitchen all open plan


Clifton Electronics Workshop and Hangar

Will put some updated photos as soon as possible



My own Residence:

The Driveway Entrance

East Elevation - you're really looking at the Cozy workshop and Studio above.

Entrance hall

Bathroom en-suite, but properly all part of the master bedroom

And how's this for a Loo window

Open plan kitchen to dining

Family room and Artist Studio

Skylight detail - over designed of course :-)

Studio over the garages

And the Entrance to the Residence


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