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Cozy Mk IV

Plan # 219     ZU-CZZ

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Model of my Cozy, from my wife for my birthday, artist is Pieter Grobbel of Grobbel Aviation Art

And this one by Mr Bosch Jnr is hand cut.


My Cozy Mk IV and my "Dabbling" in the Experimental Aircraft Arena

Yes, correct, "dabble" - there are serious builders and there are talkers.

If you are of the short attention span type, you can navigate to the other pages from the list below. (This site is riddled with photos)

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Otherwise here is my story ...

The serious folks get into their workshops and come out after 2 or 3 years with an aircraft and no friends, the talkers have a lot of friends and probably their first part or a plank, the talking point.....well I fit in somewhere near the middle of all this, the project moves forward in spurts. It will be finished when I say so and it won't be flown till its finished....if it gets flown before its finished, YOU will be the first to know...:-)

Why did I chose to build a Cozy ... well ... its an efficient modern design ... a derivative of a proven design ... there are quite a few flying already ... the plans seem reasonably complete ... and it LOOKS GOOD ... . "I want it, because I want it!"... Marc Zeitlin maintains a superb interest group on the "net". Subscription to this group is a definite recommendation if you want to avoid problems - the plans are good, but everybody misunderstands stuff sometimes ... hey, I do :-)

Empty the workshop first

Before the plans were ordered, I went to help some Composite builders in our local EAA Chapter. This exposes you to this type of construction and lets you get some hands on while being supervised - thanks to Dave O'Neill, Mike Davis, Tony van den Heuvel, Ron van Lear and the late Martin Clark for enduring my endless questions.

Such a project seems to demand a lot of space, so the first item is to get the workshop going, I just LOVE this planning business.

Cast the floors out of concrete, finish to smooth is best.

Then action started by building a workbench, boy, this is so handy, the wife got quite a few "honey-do's" done as I was getting used to the bench.

Attend a Composite Course (2nd from R)

So we got going, down the chapters - I don't jump around - for sure there will be something left out, if that route is taken by me....:-)

Order as much material as you can afford up front, that's my motto. (of course not the stuff with an expiry date - I know that:-))


Our local currency seems to slip when measured against the US $. When I ordered the plans (1993) the conversion was R 2.27 for $ 1.00 and has been at R 11.00 for $ 1.00 (The R stands for Rand and this is divided into 100 cents - just for interest a box of matches costs 60 cents today) Today it stands at about R 6.80 for 1 U$.

The plans were obtained, on the 07th April 1993, near my birthday - a present - from me to me, it was exactly what I asked for :-)

Build & Test the Rutan Scale

Then, I procrastinated until we visited the EAA Convention, Oshkosh in 94, this is an aviation must see!

( Get yourself there! That year's theme was "the need for speed", so that year, we saw some jets we would not see anywhere else in the world!)

And we got to sit in the designers plane, is where you find his Website.

Nat Puffer's plane - tryout time

Chris & Jean in Nat's Plane, plenty space.

Vance & Shirley Atkinson answered a zillion questions.

As many Pic's as there is Osh


When we got home, construction started in earnest.

If you want to see construction follow the links ...

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The best info, however, will be obtained by contacting Nat Puffer, the Designer and having a look at the "Unofficial Cozy Website", which is maintained to a superb standard by Marc Zeitlin