Chris Van Hoof's Cozy Mk IV

Plan # 219


Chapter 05 - Fuselage Sides

This is exciting, getting to make LARGE parts. Get some friend around for added courage and you'll be well prepared...don't get too many or they will hold you up...

A Vernier on wood - not me!

Mandy Latimore on scale & mixing

Ready for Micro, Glass & Epoxy

Jean & Chris having a stipple....

Weight on the edges


Chapter 06 - Fuselage Assembly

Your accuracy in the previous Chapters gets rewarded here ... ours just slipped together with minor adjustments.

Hey - its casting a shadow !

Tourniquet type squeeze holds the parts together while the epoxy sets

Front Seat Brace

The Floor Porcupine about ready to receive glass


Chapter 07- Fuselage Exterior

This teaches you how to make piles of dust...and shows how easily things are shaped.

Eben, Marius & my son Gavin mixing flox

Floor weighted with bricks while the epoxy cures

Naca scoop formed easily

Jean doing quality control

Hard point reinforcing in tent - winter!


Chapter 08 - Headrest, Heat Duct, Seat Belts & Step

The Headrests were a test in patience,

the Heat duct was the best out of 3 ...

Seatbelts were a cinch till I found my dimensions were out by 1.5" on the hard points.

I slogged thru' this chapter of little pieces and patience.


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