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A list of Crew Members aboard the SS Waratah when she was lost with all hands off the east coast of South Africa on 27th/28th July 1909.

For more on the story of the Waratah and the recent search for her wreakage off the Wild Coast have a look at SS Waratah, Stories and Legends.

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Alexander P.R.General Servant
Allan W.R.General Servant
Allen C.Able Seaman
Ambrose G.W.Able Seaman
Barr H.Carpenter's Mate
Baxter C.General Servant
Bellringer A.Trimmer
Belshaw W.Able Seaman
Benson F. (or T.H.) Trimmer
Blake A.General Servant
Bocker R.Fireman and Trimmer
Bonham P.General Servant
Brown A.Fireman and Trimmer
Burgess L.General Servant
Butcher C.Fireman and Trimmer
Campbell W.M.General Servant
Clark J.C.Assistant Steward
Clarke J.Fireman and Trimmer
Clarke N.H.G.S.Apprentice
Comper W.Greaser and Fireman
Conn J.Greaser and Fireman
Costello J.Able Seaman
Coulson T.Trimmer
Cumming A.Greaser and Fireman
Dance H.Trimmer
Dennison A.General Servant
Dixon G.Trimmer
Dorander F.Fireman and Trimmer
Edwards W.General Servant
Francis A.R.General Servant
French C.Fireman and Trimmer
Fulford H.C.Surgeon
Georgeson A.Boatswain
Gibbs H.A.Apprentice
Gorham S.E.Fore-cabin Pantryman
Hamelton R.A.Refrigerating Engineer
Hamilton J.Junior Fourth Engineer
Hammond C.General Servant
Harding H.W.General Servant
Harding W.Able Seaman
Haysom O.E.Butcher
Hemy H.F.Second Officer
Hodder G.W.Chief Engineer
Humphreys T.Senior Third Engineer
Hunt F.T.Junior Third Engineer
Hunter A.Second Engineer
Ilbery J.E.Captain
Immelmann J.Fireman and Trimmer
Ings T.General Servant
Isaacs P.General Servant
Jacobson J.Fireman and Trimmer
Jamieson J.H.Senior Fourth Engineer
Jewers J.Greaser and Fireman
Jones J.Second Baker
Kelly J.Trimmer
Lindross K.Fireman and Trimmer
Lydiard J.Fireman and Trimmer
Martin A.Able Seaman
McCrone H.Trimmer
McIver M.Able Seaman
McKierian W.Trimmer
McPhee W.General Servant
Meek G.Trimmer
Monaghan P.F.General Servant
Monk F.Fifth Engineer
Moore A.P.Able Seaman
Morgan J.P.Third Officer
Murray P.Sculleryman
Nelson J.Fireman and Trimmer
Newman T.Able Seaman
Nicholls A.Fore-cabin Steward
Owen C.Chief Officer
Oxford P.Barman and Storekeeper
Papinean K.Pantryman
Pearson S.Donkeyman
Phillips A.E.Baker and Confectiner
Poland F.Assistant Butcher
Rackliff W.Able Seaman
Reinsch W.Fireman and Trimmer
Robinson R.Ordinary Seaman
Rogers W.B.General Servant
Rumbold E.General Servant
Sach A.Fourth Cook
Sale F.Third Cook
Samuelson C.Fireman and Trimmer
Sandon A.Trimmer
Schafer E.J.Boatswain's Mate and Lamp-trimmer
Schelier O.Fireman and Trimmer
Seiffort H.Fireman and Trimmer
Shasal F.Assistant Pantryman
Shea J.Able Seaman
Skailes P.Purser and Chief Steward
Smith H.G.Able Seaman
Smith W.Storekeeper and Refrigeration Greaser
Smith W.General Servant
Southwell C.W.Ship's Cook
Stace E.Boatswain's Mate
Steel (or Street) J.Trimmer
Steiner B.Greaser and Fireman
Sterne E.General Servant
Sudbury G.General Servant
Swan EmmaStewardess
Tanner H. (or F.T.)Fireman and Trimmer
Taylor H.Trimmer
Templeton S.Chief Cook
Thomas W.General Servant
Thornton W.Trimmer
Thruston G.Fourth Officer
Trott F.General Servant
Turkle C.Able Seaman
Waite W.Able Seaman
Walker R.Carpenter
Walters E.J.General Servant
Walters W.Greaser
Wellington F.M. General Servant
White W.G.General Servant
Whitehorn Sarah E.Stewardess
Woodcock A.General Servant
Wyborn G.General Servant

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