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The SS Waratah, a brand new passenger ship of 9,339 gross registered tons on her return second voyage from Australia to England, was lost off the east coast of South Africa on 27th/28th July 1909. None of the 211 passengers and crew survived.

For more on the story of the Waratah and the recent search for her wreakage off the Wild Coast have a look at SS Waratah, Stories and Legends.

This passenger list, from the London Board of Trade, was published in March 1911, so it probably results from the various official enquiries and affidavits subsequent to the mishap.

Also have a look at the Crew List.

NameBoarded atBound for
Adamson, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Allen and infant, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Allen, Miss. RoseSydneyLondon
Ashe, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Black, Mr. NeilMelbourneLondon
Blackburn, Mr. T.MelbourneCape Town
Bowden and infant, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Bowden, MasterSydneyLondon
Bowden, Miss.SydneyLondon
Bowden, Mr.SydneyLondon
Bowden, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Bradley, Mr. E.A.DurbanLondon
Browne, Colonel P.J.AdelaideCape Town
Calder, Mr. P.J.MelbourneLondon
Campbell, Miss. M.MelbourneLondon
Carrick, Dr. J.T.DurbanLondon
Clark, Mr. A.MelbourneLondon
Connolly, Mrs. P.DurbanLondon
Connolly, Miss.DurbanLondon
Cooke, Miss. L.AdelaideCape Town
Coote, Mr. Wm.DurbanLondon
Cumming, Mr. Wm.SydneyLondon
Dawes, Mrs. and childDurbanLondon
Donaldson, Mr.DurbanLondon
Dunn, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Dunn, Miss D. (aged 7)DurbanLondon
Dunn, Miss. B. (aged 2)DurbanLondon
Ebsworth, Mr. J.MelbourneLondon
Fadle, Rev. Father DurbanLondon
Govendo, Mr. M.J.DurbanLondon
Govett, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Harvey, MasterSydneyCape Town
Harvey, Mr. or Mrs.SydneyCape Town
Harwood, Mrs. J.SydneyLondon
Hay, Miss. H.G.AdelaideLondon
Hay, Mrs. A.AdelaideLondon
Henderson, Miss.SydneyLondon
Hesketh Jones, Miss. M.AdelaideLondon
Hugo, Mr. R.E. DurbanCape Town
Hunter. Mr. J. McS.SydneyLondon
Ibbett, Mrs.MelbourneLondon
Lascelles, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Lees, Miss. K. AdelaideCape Town
Lowenthal, Mr. R.MelbourneLondon
Lyon, Mrs. A. and child aged 1DurbanLondon
McCausland, Mr. J.DurbanCape Town
Miller, Miss.SydneyCape Town
Murphy, Miss. B.MelbourneLondon
Murphy, Mr. E.A.SydneyLondon
Nicholson, Mr. C.B. DurbanLondon
O'Connor, Mr. P.DurbanCape Town
Page, Mr. E.B.MelbourneLondon
Page, Mrs.MelbourneLondon
Petrie, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Petrie, Master DurbanLondon
Press, Mrs. A.E.DurbanLondon
Schaumann, Miss. D.SydneyLondon
Schaumann, Miss. L.SydneyLondon
Sillery, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Starke, Miss.MelbourneLondon
Starke, Mrs.MelbourneLondon
Stocken, Mr. W.DurbanLondon
Stocken, Mrs.DurbanLondon
Stocken child aged 5DurbanLondon
Stocken child aged 2DurbanLondon
Stokoe, Mr. J.G.MelbourneLondon
Tayler, Miss.DurbanLondon
Taylor, Mr. CharlesSydneyCape Town
Taylor, Mrs.SydneyCape Town
Taylor, Miss. M.SydneyCape Town
Taylor, Master C.SydneyCape Town
Taylor, Mr. J.F.J.DurbanLondon
Taylor, Miss. DurbanLondon
Tickell, Mr. G.H.MelbourneLondon
Turner, Mr. David DurbanLondon
Turner, Mrs. DurbanLondon
Turner child aged 14DurbanLondon
Turner child aged 12DurbanLondon
Turner child aged 7DurbanLondon
Turner child aged 6DurbanLondon
Turner child aged 3DurbanLondon
Wilson, Mrs.MelbourneLondon
Wilson, Mrs.MelbourneLondon
Wilson, Miss. L.MelbourneLondon
Wilson, Miss.(8 yrs), MelbourneLondon
Wright, Mr.SydneyLondon
Wright, Mrs.SydneyLondon
Young, Miss.DurbanLondon

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