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In Amun Re, you try to amass as many victory points as possible in an effort to outplay your opponents.  Victory points are gained in a number of ways:
1:  1 point for each pyramid
2:  3 points for each set of pyramids across your three provinces
3:  5 points if you have the most pyramids in a single province on the western or eastern side of the Nile (which 'runs' through the middle of the image vertically)
4:  2 points per temple ( or more depending on Amun-Re's happiness)
5:  3 points for the various Victory Point Cards
6:  6 and 2 points respectively for having the most and second most money at the end of the game.

Each turn players will bid on randomly selected provinces, and, after having bought them will try to develop these provinces to either generate income or to move towards additional victory points.

Phase 1 - Reveal Provinces - Provinces must be randomly selected (and must match the number of players)
Phase 2 - Bid on and purchase provinces.  Bids can only be made according to the list - thus a player who wants to beat a bid of 3 must bid 6 and so on. Once purchased, some provinces provide immediate once off resources as indicated.
Phase 3 - Purchase resources in order - Power Cards, Farmers and Building stones.  (Advanced version, pay to reduce the range of your next power card selection - before purchasing power cards)
Phase 4 - Make an offering to Amun-Re.  The total offering determines how much each farmer earns as income during the next phase.  A player may choose to steal three gold from the offering instead.  After the offerings are complete, the player who offered the most may choose 3 items (Power Cards, Farmers or Stones) to add to his/her holdings.  The second highest offering earns 2 items and all other offerings earn 1 item for each player.  The total is indicated on one of the Temple Icons at the top of the page.
Phase 5 - Income - the players earn income by multiplying the number of farmers they control with the Amun-Re happiness rating.  Certain provinces (with large shaded numbers) can earn more if Amun-Re's happiness is in the first two blocks - they then earn the shaded value.
Phase 6 - Victory Points - Only at the end of rounds three and six.

In this version, two copies of the board must be printed.  The first for rounds one to three and the second for rounds four to six.  At the end of the third round all pyramids and blocks are copied to the second board and then play continues as normal.

One significant change from the board game is that power cards are not concealed and that players have some influence over which specific card they will get. The available power cards have been included around the edge of the playing surface and as players 'pick up' the cards they must initial the card.  Once a card has been used then the player should cross the card out.  When selecting a card the following process must be applied.  The player to pick a card must choose any card on the outside of the board and throw a six sided die.  The player must count from that card in a clockwise direction the number rolled.

As an advanced option, all provinces have ranges associated with them (in the bottom right corner).  If the player chooses to then he or she can use the range printed in the province.  The owner of Dakhla could throw a die and only use the 1,2 and 3.  This allows players to increase thier chances of getting a specific card.  This has not been extensively play tested so comments to claude at pixie dot co dot za would be appreciated.

Provinces are set out in the same way as below - Free items given when a player buys a province are indicated under the power card capacity of a province.

Province ownership can be indicated by writing the initials of the owner in the relevant block and using symbols to indicate farmers, blocks and pyramids.  Pyramids consist of two or three building blocks (two, if master builder power cards are played).  Once a pyramid is built, the player circles the appropriate number of blocks.  When transferring the pyramids to the second board then little triangles are used.

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