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Fr Michael Bracken OMI . Fr Pat Towe OMI.Br Paneng Mohlakoana OMI.Fr Lazi Moiloa OMI.Br Rex Harrison OMI.Br Gunter Arndt OMI.Br Jeremiah Gama OMI.Fr Leo D'Aes OMI

Fr Michael Bracken OMI
Fr Patrick Towe OMI
Fr Thabang Molefi OMI
Fr Lazarus Moiloa OMI
Br Rex Harrison OMI
Br Gunter Arndt OMI
Br Jeremiah Gama OMI
Fr Leo D'Aes OMI


Fr Frans Claerhout OMI (RIP)
Fr Sebastian Mahara OMI (RIP)

Fr Frans Claerhout OMI .Fr Maqalaka Sebastian Mahara OMI


Oblate House Community (Bloemfontein)

The Oblate House in Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein was established in 1996 as a home base for Oblates in the OMI Southern District. A residence was needed for those in specialised ministry and for Oblates who were aging & needing to be near medical care. The Oblate House is also used for District Community Celebrations and meetings.

In 2003 an adjacent property was consolidated and this has become the retirement community. Br Gunter Arndt OMI, Fr Leo D'Aes OMI and Fr Frans Claerhout OMI were the first to start the retirement house. Since then Fr Sebastian Mahara OMI joined the community.

We now have a Mission House community and a Retirement Community, collectively forming the Oblate House in Bloemfontein, for the Southern District OMI.

Specialised ministries being provided are: The Tertiary Students Chaplaincy (ACTS), Police Chaplaincy, Provincial JPIC (Justice&Peace) Ministry, HIV/AIDS Ministries, Art, Regency Programme, Retirement programme, Hospital Chaplaincy and our own Oblate Administration and Community activities.

Parish Pastoral Ministry: The following community members are Parish Priests in the parishes: Fr Mike Bracken - St Mark's RCC; Fr Pat Towe - Christ the King RCC &Fr Leo D'Aes - St Rose RCC. Those in Specialised Ministries assist in Parishes on Sundays for Masses, Marriages and funerals etc at the invitation of the respective Pastors.


        OMI St Rose Community - | Southern District OMI  


Home Page Image.Fr Mothe OMI . Fr Tshidiso OMI

Fr Francis Masike OMI
Superior of the Community & District Treasurer

Fr Motsiri Mosai OMI
Bursar & Prison Chaplain

Fr Tshidiso Moleko OMI
Provincial Youth Chaplain


St Rose Oblate Community

A new Oblate Communty at St Rose Parish was established in 2007.

Because of Fr D’Aes’ many years of committed work at St Rose, The Oblate community has been established to support the ongoing ministry there.

Fr Masike is the Superior and Fr Motsiri the Treasurer and Fr Tshidiso is still heavily committed with his studies but helps with supply to parishes as well as his commitment to Youth.


Please see the Year Plan of the Southern District also on this web site.


OMI Kriste Tshepo ya Rona - Botshabelo Community | Southern District OMI  


Fr Brian Ievers OMI . Fr Raphael Mothe OMI.Br Paneng Mohlakoana OMI

Fr Brian Ievers OMI
Parish Priest at Emmaus RCC

Fr Raphael Mothe OMI
Parish Priest Kriste Tshepo ya Rona RCC

Br Paneng Mohlakoana OMI
OMI Scholastic on Regency


OMI Kriste Tshepo ya Rona Community (Botshabelo)

Kriste Tshepo ya Rona Parish is entrusted to the Oblate Community. It is the only official Oblate Parish in the Archdiocese of Bloemfontein so far.

Next to the parish is the Oblate Community Residence where Fr Brian Ievers OMI and Fr Raphael Mothe OMI and a Regent from Natal Province, Br Paneng Khumbulani Mohlakoana OMI are living.

From this community they serve their respective parishes in Botshabelo.

There is also a Holy Cross Sisters Convent in the parish of Kriste Tshepo ya Rona.


        OMI Cathedral Community | Southern District OMI  


.Fr Leo Roche OMI . Fr John Nolan OMI.
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Fr Leo Roche OMI
Administrator of the Cathedral - RCC

Fr John Nolan OMI
Assistant Priest at the Cathedral



OMI Cathedral Community (Bloemfontein)

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is the "heart" of the Clergy of Bloemfontein. For as long as anyone can remember, each monday, the Cathedral has generously hosted a lunch for the Clergy of Bloemfontein.

Fr Leo Roche OMI is the Administrator of the Cathedral. He is assisted by Fr John Nolan OMI (previous Administrator) and Fr Thabo Lenyatsa.

The Cathedral Parish has an important Hospital Chaplaincy to over 10 hospitals and many clinics, nursing homes and Homes for the elderly.

The parish is a truly intenational community.