Zulu Force – Operation Savannah (1975) 
(Colonel “Proppies” van Heerden)
30 August 1975 to 

Combat Group Alpha (Commandant Delville Linford)
	Rifle Company
	Rifle Company

Combat Group Bravo(Commandant Jan Breytenbach)
	A Rifle Company  (Captain Jack Dippenaar)
		Rifle platoon(Corporal Nel)
		Rifle platoon(Corporal Retief)
		Rifle platoon(Under direct command of Dipenaar)
B Rifle Company(Lieutenant Connie van Wyk)
		2 sabre Land-Rovers (.30inch Browning)
		Rifle platoon(Corporal Mechie van der Merwe)
		Rifle platoon(later Sergeant Robbie Ribeiro)
		Rifle platoon(Sergeant Almerindo Mourao Da Costa)
Mortar Platoon(Corporal Frans “Oupa” van Dyk)
		12 3inch Mortars
		Sten SMG(Replaced by PPSH carbines after taking Sa Da Bandeira – 23 October 1975)
Anti-Tank Section
Machine Gun Platoon(Corporal “Fingers” Kruger)(Later disbanded)
		2 Landrovers each with 2 Vickers .303 MG
		1 Flat-bed truck with 8 Vickers .303MG
		Sten SMG(Replaced by PPSH carbines after taking Sa Da Bandeira – 23 October 1975)
C Rifle Company (Sergeant (Daniel Roxo)(Attached 14 October 1975)(Detached late October)
	Rifle Platoon(Sergeant Marao)
	Rifle Platoon(Segeant Sierro)
	Rifle Platoon(C.B.C.P. Ribeiro)
C Rifle Company(Grobbie Grobelaar)(Attached 3 November 1975)
	2 Armoured Car Troops(Attached 19 October 1975)(Detached 21 October 1975)
		4 Eland
	Mortar Platoon (Danie Theron Combat School)(Attached Aprox. 2 November 1975) 

Combat Group Charlie(Major Toon Slabbert)(Attached 21 October 1975)
Armoured Car Squadron(2 SAI Bat.)
		3 Troops
			4 Eland
2 Armoured Car Troops
		4  Eland
	Workshop Troop
Mortar Group(Attached 21 October 1975)
	4 81mm Mortars

Artillery Troop(Captain Smokey Bouwer)(Attached 11 November 1975)
	4  25 Pounder Guns

R1 initially used by Combat Group Alpha, exchanged for G-3 just before combat deployment

R1 was in general use in Combat Group Bravo

Transport were assorted civilian trucks and other vehicles

Combat Group Bravo was initially issued with Jungle Green fatigues, and on the 23 October issued with 
Camouflage fatigues captured from Sa Da Bandeira.

Combat Group Bravo’s anti-tank section probably used 3.5inch rocket launchers

Zulu’s advance northwards stopped at Queve River
33 Days, advanced 3159km, engaged in 30 attacks and 21 skirmishes. Killed 210 enemy, wounded 96, 
captured 56.  Own losses 5 dead(including 1 South African) and 41 wounded (including 20 South Africans)