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 Itís been a number of years since i took my web site off line.  Since then iíve seen variations of my SADF order of battles being discussed in forums and mailing list.  In addition over the years iíve come across numerous errors, corrections and of course new updated information.  Accordingly iíve decided to put the info back on line.    Over the next couple of months iíll update and/or correct the orders of battle.  Iíll also add comments where I deem it appropriate.

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What's New

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Orders of Battle

South African

Force Zulu - Operation Savannah 1975 (Still under construction)

Operation Reindeer: Raid on Cassinga - 4th May 1978 (Still Under construction)

Infantry Battalion (Early 70's)

Parachute Battalion - 1976

Motorised Infantry Battalion - 1976

Mechanised Infantry Battalion (Planned) - 1976

Artillery Regiment - Late 1970's

61 Mechanised Battalion Group - 1988

Mechanised Infantry Battalion - 1999 (Detailed) (Abridged) (Challenger)

Motorised Infantry Battalion - 1999 (Detailed) (Abridged) (Challenger)

Light Infantry Battalion - 1999 (Detailed)

Parachute Battalion - 1999 (Detailed) (Abridged) (Challenger)

Parachute Battalion - 1990 (Detailed)

20 SA Brigade - 1987 (to be improved)

1 Special Services Battalion - Mid 90's

Armoured Regiment - 1998

31 Battalion - 1987 (Abridged)

10 SA Division - Late 1988


Fapla Infantry Brigade - Late 80's (Abridged) (Challenger)

Cuban "Combined Arms Battalion" - 1988

Cuban Motorised Infantry Rifle Battalion - 1988 (BTR-60) (BMP-1)


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Odds and Ends

South African Air Force Ground Based Air Defence Systems - GBADS

Notes on South-West Africa Territory Force - SWATF

Notes on UNITA

Notes on FAPLA

SADF Arms purchases (Extracted from SIPRI Arms Transfer Database)

FAPLA/MPLA Arms purchases (Extracted from SIPRI Arms Transfer Database)

UNITA and FNLA Arms purchases (Extracted from SIPRI Arms Transfer Database)

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Coming Soon


and other scenarios

Planned raid on Xangongo Bridge(Late 1979)(Still under construction)

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South African Department of Defence - Official web site, some background information for currant defence force.

Southern African Military Web Ring - Good place to start your exploring.

Africa at War - Wide spread of pics.

Jake Collins - Spearhead, Challenger and WRG lists


War in Angola - The War in Angola in Miniature


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Online Book stores


Kalahari Ė an SA online retailer

Bid or Buy Ė an SA online auction site.

ABEBooks Ė excellent online site to purchase second hand books

Just Done Productions


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