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In January 2004 I became the proud owner of a 1997 Ducati 900 SS. This particular one is one of the last ones of the shape that was revealed in 1991 and lasted until 1998 when the Supersport Final Edition brought by the end of a great era (see 900SS Specifications) In 1999 a new shape was released based on the same engine, but with fuel injection instead of the Mikuni carburettors and new bodywork. The frame remained essentially the same appart from the rear subframe. The suspension was also upgraded and featured a 2mm increase in the front fork diameter and a 12mm increase in the length of the rear shock made for slightly faster steering and a shorter wheelbase.

One of the great attractions of the earlier model Ducatis is that they are very easy to modify to produce substantially more power. Mine is basically still standard, except for the following modifications:
Keihin FCR 41mm carburettors
Silent Hektik lightweight flywheel (285g)
Silent Hektik Powerblock ignition with 16 adjustable advance curves and single pickup
Silent Hektik Motocoils
Magnacor ignition wires
K&N airfilter
Bos high mount race cannisters
39T rear sprocket
Single seat similar to the Superlight models
Brembo full floater cast iron front disks
Modified Showa rear shock to be adjustable to 340mm (10mm longer than OE length)


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