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LINKING - STUDENTS with teachers & TEACHERS with students.

Due to the number of enquiries from local and international students looking for music teachers in their areas, I have decided to offer a service that links students with teachers & teachers with students - locally and internationally and, at no cost to the teacher.

More than that: Our vision under the auspices of the CTAM is to establish trustworthy, satellite music teaching services that are run professionally and work successfully forboth teacher and student.

I believe no-one should grow old saying - I wish I had learn't to play an instrument or followed a singing career.
And passing on the gift of music should be fulfilling and rewarding for the teacher too.

The CTAM is aligned with the international standards of Trinity College London, offering lessons in a variety of instruments and subjects from Beginners through to Professional qualifications. We also attract international students through our strong website presence.

Our Aim:
To take away the burden of admin and put back teachings commercial and artistic viability.

CTAM Satellite Teaching is for those wanting to:

  • Start out teaching privately.
  • Expand their student base.
  • Take advantage of the CTAM's professional service, umbrella marketing & internet

Costs to You:

Nothing: - Our percentage fee is covered by the students fees.
Benefits to the Satellite Teacher:

  • We have a strong internet presence, we market, advertise and field potential student
    calls on your behalf.
  • We screen students and may audition beginners.
  • We have a once a term registration for new students.
  • We provide basic guidelines to ensure success in keeping a student and in running a Satellite CTAM Academy.
  • We collect fees and pay teachers monthly or termly as per contract agreement through our Chartered Accountants.
  • We have a simple effective feedback system (via email, fax and hard copy), that ensures standards are maintained.
  • We add your name to our website, with the town/suburb, teaching instrument/s, and a sentence or two from your CV in order to direct potential students to you.

What to Do:
We invite teachers currently in private teaching or interested in getting into private teaching under the umbrella of the CTAM, to email a CV with qualifications, experience, current work, personal aims and at least two references to Ms A Kinsey. akinsey@mweb.co.za

We also invite students seeking a teacher in a specific area to email their specific interest and musical experience to the director: akinsey@mweb.co.zaAvril Kinsey

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers and Students

Our responses are mostly prompt, but should we be inundated, please allow a week for us to get back to you.

Other Services:

  • Consulting Services for first time guitar buyers.
  • Guitar Valuations.
  • Custom Designed Workshops for Teachers & Students (Send us your ideas and we will look into arranging it)
  • Private Consulting & Corporate Music Creativity Workshops.
  • Book Sales and Products.

    We look forward to being of service.

    Avril Kinsey
    (CTAM Director)


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