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Avril Kinsey is an internationally renowned performer, composer and film script author who lives and works from her home in Cape Town South Africa. She has performed and recorded on 4 continents and received international acclaim for her "African-inspired" music for classical guitar.


An atmospheric collection of music from romantic, folk, jazz and blues to dances like the tango and waltz, ranging from grade 2 to 5 levels. The book, with teach yourself hints and tips also comes with a quality CD recording performed by Avril Kinsey.
000The collection of must-have repertoire allows for a progressive musical and technical development while sounding impressive at all levels.
000There is much opportunity for personal expression while also allowing the students’ hands to fit comfortably onto the guitar, thus facilitating easier performance. A fine addition to Trinity College of London graded syllabus.

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Guitar on Safari cover


A first-ever 74 page music book of solo and duo African Legends and folksongs for guitar, including the popular South African National anthem Nkosi Sikelel i Afrika. The book comes complete with background storieson the legends which inspired the music, as well
as comprehensive performance notes, it is available with the
CD of
all the music.

The refreshing and varied music includes easy folksong arrangements, (with text), as well as intermediate and advanced works suitable for professional concert programmes. Also highly suitable for music libraries, universities with ethno music departments and classical guitar programs.

Music from Africa Music book

An extract from the Foreword of the book by Colin Cooper editor of Classical Guitar Mag. UK
"What does the classical guitar have to do with a fish eagle and an African gourd harp? Avril Kinsey has written a composition around each of them. She has also written tone poems about the Bushmen, Modjadji (The Rain Queen), the Okavango Swamps, and a traditional African healer (The Sangoma)".
000Her compositions are not merely the products of her imagination, fertile though it is. She has travelled extensively conducting her own research and living amongst the African people as well as listening to many tapes of rural African music as recorded by the great researcher Hugh Tracey.
000Avril says of her own music, "Essentially what I have done is to take the sounds of primitive instruments like the gourd harp, an instrument shaped like a bow with a single string which is hit with a stick. I have recreated that sound on the guitar by scraping the nail of the right hand diagonally back and forth acros the string, while the left hand slowly bends the note by pulling the string down. All sounds like the fish eagle cry and the desert korhaan bird are able to be played in a performance situation." she says speaking from experience.
"Extraordinary music, a rare kind of musical magic" Sunday Argus

THE CD TITLES (Please note CD quality is only found on the real thing)
Short audio samples are highlighted

1. SONG OF THE WATER (Mokoro) - Kinsey
3. JIKELE MAWENI (Trad.)  
4. KHULUMA - Betty Khosa
5. DOMBA DANCE (Python Ritual Dance) - Kinsey
6. THE RAIN QUEEN (Modjaji) - Kinsey
7. BUSHMEN (Spirit of the Wilderness) - Kinsey
Two Orchestral Legends of the Cape
8. ABANTUBAMLAMBO (The SeaCreatures)
9. CAPE OF STORMS - Kinsey
Afrique du Temps Jadis (Sangoma)
12. RITUAL DANCE - Kinsey
13. NKOSI SIKELEL i AFRIKA (SA Anthem) - Enoch Sontonga (arr. Kinsey)

Guitar music from Africa CD

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Her second CD "The Sensual Guitar" combines the passion of Spanish guitars, the sensuality of French romance with the excitement of Latin dance. Featuring a popular selection of ballads, blues, songs and dances from the pens of Django Reinhardt and Eric Clapton through to Elton John, Stanley Myers, Villa Lobos, Rodrigo and Kinsey herself.

Sensual Guitar aims to capture the Passion of Spanish guitars, the sensuality of French Romance, the excitement of Latin Dance combined with the uniquely sensitive and versatile expression that is Avril Kinsey. Featured artists also include guitarist Bob Gilson, songstress Sanet Allen and keyboardist Tony Drake.
The CD with 14 tracks includes a stunning variety of music from the pens of Jorge Morel, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Villa Lobos, Rodrigo, Django Reinhardt, Avril Kinsey and many others.

Track Titles for "Sensual Guitar" - Avril Kinsey
1. SENSUAL - Avril Kinsey (arr. Kinsey / Gilson)
2. DANZA BRASILIERA - Jorge Morel (arr.Kinsey / Gilson)
3. CAVATINA - Stanley Myers
4. YOUR SONG - Elton John
5. SAVING ALL MY LOVE - Masser / Goffin (arr. Drake)
6. CLASSICAL GAS - Masson Williams (arr. Drake)
7. LAYLA - Eric Clapton
8. NUAGE AND STOMPIN' DOWN BROADWAY - D Reinhardt and E Williams
9. WHITER SHADE OF PALE - Reed / Brooker (arr. Drake)
10. NIGHTINGALE - Sherwin / Maschwitz (arr. Drake)
11. A LA LI LA - Trad. / A Kinsey
12. BACHIANAS BRASILIERAS - Villa Lobas / Correa
13. ARANJUEZ MA PENSEE  - J Rodrigo / Kamhi

14. SENSUAL SONG - Avril Kinsey

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Sensual Guitar CD

"La vida Breve"

The Guitar is said to be ...
The most beautiful of all instruments except
perhaps two guitars...
This recording was made from an archived LP and digitally
re-mastered for CD using state of the art sound technology. Many hours of comparison and adjustment went into capturing the essence of a live performance with the stereophonIc clarity of a modern recording.
Music today seldom has the power to console or restore us: “While re-listening to this early recording, I was reminded how early renaissance and mature Spanish composers captured music that magically remained untouched by the stresses of the outside world. It has power to both touch us deeply and yet calm us”.
This was motivation enough to re-release this recording onto CD.
Thank you to Steven Felmore who’s dedication, commitment and expertise in re-mastering and design made this CD a reality.

Track Titles for "La Vida Breve"
1 La Vida Breve • Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
2 Danza Paraguaya • Augustin Barrios (1885-1944)
3 Kubinsky Tahets • E. Chovzevskaja &
A. Lazavevich
4 Intermezzo (de la Opera ‘Goyescas’) • Enrique Granados (1867-1916)
5 Cordoba • Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
6 Largo, Rondo in G Major • Ferdinand Carulli (1770-1841)
7 La Rossignol • Anon
8 Recercate Concertante • Francesco da Milano & Joanne Matelart
9 Drewerie’s Accordes • Anon
10 Mr Southcotes Pavan • Thomas Ford (1580-1648)
11 Flat Pavan and Galliard • John Johnson (1540-1595)

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La Vida Breve

As a composer she has been awarded prestigious commissions from The Foundation for the Creative Arts and SAMRO. Her article and paper "Creating Guitar Music in South Africa" was published in Classical Guitar Magazine UK. As well as being presented at The International Composer’s Workshops Africa.

Sound Samples of her work are :

SENSUAL from Sensual

SONG OF THE WATER (Mokoro) - Kinsey

ARGENTINIAN for Guitar Quartet from Avril Kinsey and Friends


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