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Old Agent, New Projects (3 October 2002)

Earlier this year, Michelle left her agent of almost twenty years, Ed Limato of International Creative Management, and signed with rival agency, CAA. Now it seems that after eight months, during which Michelle has not committed to any project, she's back with Limato.  


After an eight-month stint with CAA, Michelle Pfeiffer has gone back to ICM, where she has rejoined agent Ed Limato, who represented the actress for 18 years. Their relationship began while Limato was a WMA agent and booked Pfeiffer to star alongside Al Pacino in "Scarface."
Pfeiffer, who next will be seen in "White Oleander," is eyeing several projects, including the Michael Apted-directed "Scheherazade" at New Line.
"Michelle and I have been together a very long time, and I am glad to have her back in my life," Limato said.

CAA had no comment on Pfeiffer's exit.

In terms of the projects Michelle is looking at, I would assume that the Coraline film project, based on author Neil Gaiman's recent fantasy-horror best-seller, is still a possibility (see below for more information).  This is of course if Michelle can take the project with her in moving from CAA to ICM.  There has been no official word yet as to whether Michelle is still looking at the project, has signed on, or walked away.  Coraline is only set to begin filming in the first four months of 2003, so there still is time for Michelle to make up her mind about playing the dual role of Coraline's mother and the evil, button-eyed Other Mother.  

Michelle has less time to commit to the independent drama, August and Everything After, to be filmed in San Francisco starting in November.  Michelle's rumoured involvement in the project stems from two articles that appeared online in September:

From: Variety

'SINISE GETS MORE GOODLOE: While Gary Sinise just joined the George Armitage-directed "The Big Bounce," the actor is also set to reteam with "Gentleman's Game" director J. Mills Goodloe on "August and Everything After," a drama about a group forced to examine their lives after a harrowing experience on an airplane. Word is that Michelle Pfeiffer is contemplating one of those roles. Sinise will play a clean-cut sports broadcaster whose career ends when he makes ugly remarks to a player on the air.'

More importantly, straight from Michelle's mouth (and I have no reason to see this interview as unreliable, except for how the clashing project description)

Extracted from:

By Bob Thompson

...Meanwhile, next up is a psychological thriller with Gary Sinise, which Pfeiffer starts shooting in November called August and Everything After.
"It's a real trip but I can't tell you much about it," says the actress, who admits that she only works when she's "moved by something."

The rest of August's ensemble cast apparently already includes Terrence Stamp, Amanda Peet and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 

As for Scheherazade, the Variety article above is the first time that the film has been mentioned. What the project is about is a mystery.  The title refers back to the heroine of the Arabian Nights stories, who postponed her execution by telling her Sultan husband a different tale every night.  Personally I doubt that the film is about these events or characters.  Michelle Pfeiffer is not the first person who comes to mind when you say Arabian princess.    

However, while Net trawling, I did discover a play by the name of Scheherazade, written by Marisha Chamberlain.  It may be a completely separate project from the film, but it sounds plausible.  Essentially the play is about a woman, Eve, who late one night is attacked by a masked man.  She is forced to take him back to her apartment, where he rapes her.  In the process Eve unmasks him, leaving the attacker, Joe, who has been watching Eve for months, with no option but to kill her.  Eve has to use all her courage and ingenuity to save herself...
  For more information on the play, click here.

Director Michael Apted has been responsible for such diverse films as The World Is Not Enough, Nell, Gorillas In the Mist, and more recently, Enigma and Enough. 

If you have any information on these matters, and would like to share it,
please e-mail me. You are welcome to remain anonymous. 

Patricia Heaton Disses Michelle? (3 October 2002)

It looks as if actress Patricia Heaton, who plays the long-suffering wife of Ray Romano on the hit television sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, has been publicly mouthing off about our favourite leading lady.  On the David Letterman show, Heaton accused an unnamed actress of having and denying plastic surgery.  All her hints, however, including reference to the actress appearing on a fashion magazine cover, claiming a fear of Botox, and being a Letterman favourite, point straight at Michelle. 

Although initially Julia Roberts was considered the target of the 'sitcom mom's' spite, the Press have now noted that it could more likely be Michelle.

Is Michelle Pfeiffer two-faced?  
With Ashley Pearson

Oct. 3 —  Did Patricia Heaton dis Michelle Pfeiffer on “David Letterman”? The star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” was on the talk show earlier this
week, and blasted an actress she refused to name. But she dropped some pretty broad hints.  

“A COVER of a big fashion magazine just came out this month and a very famous actress is on the front,” Heaton said. “I open up and see inside . . .
she’s saying in it, ‘Oh, you know Botox and plastic surgery scare me,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s interesting because I just interviewed the
[plastic surgeon] that did you.”

Gossip fans who are clever enough to put two and two together noticed that Michelle Pfeiffer is on the cover of the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar.
Inside she says, “Plastic surgery really scares me. Even Botox scares me.” 

Heaton also ridiculed the unnamed actress for discussing her fondness for carbohydrates, saying “she weighs like 90 pounds.” In the Bazaar article,
Pfeiffer says, “I’m a carbohydrate person.” 

Heaton discussed her own plastic surgery on Letterman, saying that it’s unfair for celebrities to pretend they look so fabulous merely by eating well
and doing sit-ups.

Spokeswomen for Heaton and Pfeiffer didn’t return calls for comment.

This 'outing' comes at a time when Heaton is airing out a variety of dirty laundry regarding herself, including admitting her own plastic surgery, and struggles with alcoholism.

Michelle is probably too much of a lady to respond to Heaton's outburst.  Pfans however are irate.  Pfans have also been venting their fury on the messageboards and guestbooks of Heaton fansites.  More quiet protests include a boycott of Everybody Loves Raymond.  

Television Watch (3 October 2002)

With the release of White Oleander it's time for more appearances of Michelle on television. The biggie so far is Michelle's appearance on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman  on Thursday, 10 October, around 11:35pm. 
You can also catch the 15 minute segment, First Look: White Oleander on HBO throughout October. 

Michelle the Real Estate Mogul (3 October 2002)

It looks like Michelle and hubby, David E Kelley are buying up the neighbourhood!  I suppose that's what you can do when you have several million dollars lying around, and fear the Osbournes moving in next door...:-)

From: LA Times

A New Episode in Pair's Estate


'Actress Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, writer-producer David E. Kelley, have been in the process of buying the property next door to their Brentwood home for $7 million, real estate sources say. Escrow was expected to close after press time this week.
The lot that the couple is buying is more than an acre in size and has a 62-year-old house on it, according to public records.
Pfeiffer and Kelley purchased their Brentwood home in June 2000. They paid $15 million for the two-acre parcel, including a six-bedroom home designed by architect Paul Williams.
Built in the 1940s, the 7,500-square-foot house underwent a major restoration after Pfeiffer and Kelley bought it.
Pfeiffer, 44, stars as a murderer in the movie "White Oleander." She has received three Oscar nominations, including two for best actress.
Kelley, 46, has won multiple Emmy Awards for such TV series as "L.A. Law," "Picket Fences," "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice." His newest series, "girls club," is due to debut in October on Fox.'

Coraline Update (30 August 2002)

All is not lost. Yet. A big thank you goes out to M in London who provides the following enlightening information about Michelle and the Coraline film, based on author Neil Gaiman's latest best-seller:

I've just been to a Gaiman book reading here in the UK this week and he said again that "a well-known and respected actress with the initials MP" was looking at the part!

For more information of the Coraline casting saga, read below...

Coraline Backtrack (17 August 2002)

There's been something of a backtrack in terms of Michelle's involvement in Coraline (see below).  It seems that author Neil Gaiman's announcement was somewhat premature.  No official statement had yet to be made about the film, but Variety recently ran the following in an article on Gaiman: 

Bill Mechanic's Pandemonium Films has secured film rights to Gaiman's new bestselling illustrated kids suspense story, "Coraline," for Buena Vista. Henry Selick ("The Nighmare Before Christmas") will direct from his own adaptation, and Michelle Pfeiffer is said to be interested in the lead.
Mechanic declined comment on casting, but told Daily Variety he expects the pic will likely lense in first-quarter 2003 as one of Pandemonium's first productions.
"Coraline," just out from HarperCollins, is the story of a bored girl who discovers a portal to a sinister universe behind a locked door in her family's apartment. The book "reads like a slightly darker 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Mechanic said.

In line with this on Gaiman's official site, his original statement linking Michelle to the film has changed to:  ...Henry "Nightmare Before Christmas" Selick will be directing it (and wrote the script), for Bill Mechanic's Pandemonium films, to be distributed by Disney, and starring [a well-known and respected actress] as the mother and the other mother... 

So what does this mean?  It's too early to say.  Michelle's continuing involvement hasn't been confirmed nor denied.  She still fits the profile of a 'a well-known and respected actress'.  Perhaps nothing is allowed to be said until the first official press release is sent out.  Perhaps Michelle is still considering the role and has signed nothing.  Perhaps Disney is getting shaky about the Coraline film as a whole.  Who knows?  I would love for this project to happen, especially with Michelle in villian-mode.

If you have any information to clear up the confusion, please e-mail me by clicking here. You may remain anonymous.

Two Michelles for the Price of One  (24 July 2002)

The rumours are true. Michelle Pfeiffer is going to play the dual role of the mother and evil Other Mother in Coraline, the film adaptation of author Neil Gaiman's latest offering, a children's fantasy-horror novel (see News below). Here's what Gaiman had to say on his website:
The official press release about the Coraline movie should be going out in the next day or so, telling the world that Henry "Nightmare Before Christmas" Selick will be directing it (and wrote the script), for Bill Mechanic's Pandemonium films, to be distributed by Disney, and starring Michelle Pfeiffer as the mother and the other mother, and that it will start shooting in early 2003 for a late 2003 release. Consider this a sneak wossname. Preview.
(Unless it isn't and doesn't, this being Hollywood we're talking about of course.)

For more on the development of the film's script, here are two links to articles posted earlier this year over at AintItCoolNews
Article 1 (February 2002)
Article 2 (June 2002)

What this means is that after a decade of playing flawed but likeable heroines, it's three villain roles in a row for Michelle.  White Oleander, where she plays seductive but treacherous Ingrid Magnussen is due for release in October this year.  The animated Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, where Michelle voices the slinky goddess of chaos, Eris, is out on 2 July 2003.  And now you can also expect to see Michelle as Coraline's distracted mom, and sinister button-eyed 'other' mother, in the last few months of 2003.   

Welcome back to the dark side, Michelle!

Michelle in Neil Gaiman's Coraline? (16 July 2002)

On 12 July a rumour surfaced over at Coming Attractions that Michelle Pfeiffer had signed on to play the dual role of Mother/Other Mother in the film adaptation of Neil (Sandman) Gaiman's just-released children's fantasy-horror novel, Coraline. 

According to an anonymous scooper on the site, Gaiman apparently shared the news at the book's launch party on the USA west coast.  This was on 2 July.  A few weeks earlier Gaiman mentioned the following in his online journal: 
Just got an e-mail from Henry Selick, telling me the actress who was his first choice to play the Other Mother in the Coraline movie understands it, and has signed on. He sounds elated. And so am I. More news when I'm told I can tell.

The Henry Selick mentioned here is the same man who was behind the camera of Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas (a favourite film of Michelle's son, John), James and the Giant Peach and Monkeybone.  As early as February 2001 Selick was working on the screenplay for the live-action project (with some animation), which he hopes to direct.

The book Coraline, available outside of the USA from August, tells the story of a young girl who lives in a London duplex with her parents.  Their apartment is actually only part of an old massive house converted into flats.  Other inhabitants include two fortune-telling former actresses, and an elderly man training a mouse circus. One day the inquisitive Coraline opens a door that previously only opened onto a brick wall.  She finds instead a seemingly wonderful parallel world. 

Says Selick, 'She finds a mirror image of her own life, except in that world, her formerly distinterested parents fawn over her.  But it turns out to be ultimately a terrible trap, and she has to not only escape from the trap, but also rescue her parents and other children who have become trapped in there. It's a beautiful, elegant story. My main job is not to mess it up and keep it as close to the original, because it's so beautifully written.'

Gaiman has high praise for Selick's adaptation, describing it as 'terrific'.  He said the following about the changes made to his story in the script, 'He moved things, he rearranged things and he added things. And they were all the right things to add to turn it into a film, to make it 90 minutes, to give it the ups and downs of where everything fell. I couldn't have done that...'

It's still early days yet for the Coraline film project, which to my knowledge has yet to be picked up by a studio.  And Michelle's involvement is still just an unconfirmed rumour.  Still, it would be very cool to see her as the terrifying, button-eyed Other Mother of the parallel world. 

Thanks to Bond for sharing the rumour.

Visit Coraline's creepy website by clicking here... 

Michelle's an Aunt... Again

Michelle's an aunt again.  According an E!Online columnist, sister Dedee (yes, the actress/recent Playboy model) has just given birth to a son at the end of June. Here's the article:
Actress Dedee Pfeiffer (aka Michelle's sister) and husband Santiago Gomez celebrating the birth of their first child, a 7-pound, 11-ounce baby boy named Braxten Alexandre. The tyke was born June 23 in Los Angeles. The couple have been married for a year.

Sinbad: Michelle is Eris After All (7 July 2002)

June brought some major news regarding Dreamworks' next animated film, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, which features characters voiced by Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joseph Fiennes, and Michelle.

It turns out now that Michelle is in fact voicing the film's main villian, Eris, Goddess of Chaos.  Earlier reports had stated that Christine Baranski was playing Eris, but for whatever reason, she has been replaced by Michelle.

This information comes from the excellent: which also features the first artwork released from the film.  Here you can actually see what Michelle's character will look like.  Slightly different versions of the artwork are available at Aint It Cool News,  and it's here where you can actually see Michelle listed as playing Eris.

A major toy deal was announced with Hasbro during June, and it's also been revealed that deals between Dreamworks and Burger King has already been made.  So expect plenty of Sinbad toys around the middle of next year.  

The basic plot of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas stands as:

'Sinbad, along with his crew, his mighty ship and the beautiful but impulsive Marina, journeys across the sea through four fantastic adventures. His multi-tiered quest? To confront Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, restore calm to Syracuse, retrive the stolen Book of Peace, and save his childhood friend--and most dangerous rival--Proteus.'

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is set for release on 2 July 2003.  A separate section for news on this film will be opening on this site within the next few months.

Michelle At Lakers Game

Michelle has been keeping a very low-profile these past few months, but a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game lured her out of hiding in the first week of June.  It was such a rare occurance for Michelle (who has said in interviews that she normally doesn't go to games because of media attention), that her appearance was shown on several entertainment shows, and in a couple of magazines.  Here's an image from the event, with Michelle and husband David E Kelley.

Michelle's Joins The Cast of Sinbad  (21 April 2002)

According to Upcomingmovies as well as a recent interview with Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michelle Pfeiffer is voicing a character for Dreamworks' animated Sinbad project.

The traditionally animated film, said to be a fun romp full of piracy and sword fights, is developing an all-star voice-cast with Brad Pitt as Sinbad, Catherine Zeta-Jones as his love-interest, Christini Baranski as villain Eris and Joseph Fiennes as Proteus.

It is still unclear who Michelle's character is, although the unusual presence of Ancient Greek gods in an Arabian story could mean that she too plays a god.  Goddess of love, Aphrodite or defender-of-heroes, Athena, are equally likely.

Unconfirmed reports circling the Internet state that the characters will closely resemble the actors playing them.       

Sinbad is due for release in May 2003, and is not be to confused with director John Singleton's live-action film about the Arabian hero, or the CGI-animated film already in existence. 

This will be Michelle's second time voicing a character for an animated film.  She was fiesty Tzipporah in Dreamworks' The Prince Of Egypt back  in 1998.  Her only other film for the studio has been the smash-hit What Lies Beneath.  

Michelle Makes the Cover of Movieline (8 March 2002)

First there was Marie Claire, then Instyle, and now Michelle Pfeiffer has made the cover of Movieline magazine.  Thanks go to Jamie for pointing out that the April issue of the film magazine features 'great pictures and a very warm, personal interview' with Michelle. 
The magazine is available in the USA as of mid-March.

Michelle Switches Agents (28 January 2002)

After almost 20 years of representation by International Creative Management (ICM) agent, Ed Limato,  Michelle has now signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  Although I have yet to see any official confirmation on the Net, some people are saying that Michelle's new agent  is Kevin Huvane, the man representing the likes of Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Renee Zellweger and many more... 


HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Michelle Pfeiffer has signed to be represented by Creative Artists Agency.
Her exit from Intl. Creative Management was considered a surprise, given that Pfeiffer's career had long been steered by that agency's Ed Limato, whose relationship with the actress goes back two decades.
Despite that long tie, Pfeiffer held meetings with rival firms over the past week before deciding to sign with CAA. She currently stars alongside Sean Penn in I Am Sam.''

Michelle Presenting at New Awards Show (22 December 2001)

Michelle made minor movie history lately when she became the first presenter named for the first ever American Film Institute Awards to take place in early January.  But that's not all.  Michelle, along with the show's other 18 presenters, also has a scholarship established in her name, which means one lucky aspiring filmmaker will soon be walking around with the Michelle Pfeiffer Scholarship...   

Extracted from: YahooNews
More information available at: AFI

'Michelle Pfeiffer is the First Presenter to be Announced For 'AFI AWARDS 2001,' to be Broadcast Jan. 5 on the CBS Television Network

NEW YORK, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is the first presenter to be announced for AFI AWARDS 2001, to be broadcast from the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., Saturday, Jan. 5 on the CBS Television Network.

Pfeiffer is also the first presenter to have an AFI-Target Scholarship established in her name. Target Stores has established scholarships at the AFI Conservatory in the name of AFI Awards 2001's 19 presenters and host. The host, additional presenters and nominees for the awards will be announced shortly.

AFI AWARDS 2001 will identify the 10 most outstanding American films of the year and will present several television awards in the categories of comedy series, drama series, movies and mini-series. Presented in the context of a year in review, AFI Awards will be given in a total of 19 film and television categories. Up to six "AFI Moments of Significance," events that occurred during the previous calendar year and reflect the impact of culture, politics, new technologies or other influences on the moving image arts, will also be identified.

Two 13-member committees -- one representing film and one representing television -- will determine the nominations in these award categories. Each committee will include three AFI trustees, three critics, three historians, three artists and a chair. Once the nominations are announced, a jury of 100 experts will select the winners.'

(12 October) Michelle Not Flying Any Time Soon

Michelle has said before in interviews that she is not a particularly big fan of flying. The fact that the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC involved plane hijackings, hasn't improved matters...

From: PEOPLE MAGAZINE Style Watch Pg. 124

I hear a shaken Michelle Pfeiffer, like many others, has concerns about traveling.  The star, who was slated to fly to New York City in early October to pose for a fashion magazine cover, has chosen to stay put on the West Coast, so the photo-shoot team is coming to her.

Pfans As A Part Of Popular Culture

My essay on Michelle Pfeiffer and Pfans is now online. Click here to read it as well as look at the results of the questionnaire.

Fate of the Emmys in the Air

In case that you didn't know, the 53th Annual Emmy Awards were called off on Sunday, 7 October, because of US military strikes on Afghanistan. The fate of this year's show now seems to be up in the air, with a decision supposedly going to be reached soon about what to do. The Emmy Awards Official site is probably your best bet for information when a decisions is eventually reached...

(21 September) Pfans As A Part Of Popular Culture

The Pfan questionnaire is now officially closed. To all of you who took the time to sit and consider it, thankyou very much. If all goes according to plan, my findings will be posted on this site on 12 October 2001 to be shared with all the Pfans out there.

(21 September) Emmy Awards Rescheduled

For obvious reasons, the 53th Annual Emmy Awards were recently postponed. They will now take place on Sunday, 7 October 2001. I can't guarantee that Michelle and David E Kelley will be there, but you can always keep a look out for them...

(11 May) Test Your Pfandom

If you are a Los Angeles-based Pfan and you have no qualms about appearing on television to state your Pfandom, here's something for you:
Los Angeles based television production company is seeking fans of Michelle Pfeiffer to go head to head with another true Michelle Pfeiffer fan in a trivia based game show to prove which person is the bigger fan. This other guy really thinks he's her #1 fan. The contestants must be in the Los Angeles area and in the 20s to late 30s age range (or at least look it). This will be a fun opportunity. If you are interested or no anyone who would be, please have them contact me via email at or telephone at 310-444-6300 xt. 246.

(20 April) Michelle Wins Blockbuster Award

Well, the public have spoken, and on 11 April 2001, Michelle Pfeiffer received a Blockbuster Award for Best Actress in a Suspense Film, for her work in What Lies Beneath. Congratulations to the lady, and thankyou to all of you out there who voted.

Michelle's quote from the evening as she accepted the award: 'Okay, so I'm the world's scariest actress. I always knew it, but now everybody else has to find out.'

Check out more images from the event here.
More images appearing here soon...