Volvo PV 544-history

In the late fifties a lot of people thought Volvo would replace the old-fashioned PV 444 or even retire it. In 1956 Volvo had released the new, bigger Volvo 121, 122 or Amazon which it was called in Sweden but that wasn´t allowed abroad for copyright-reasons. But at Volvo they didn´t say a word about the future of the PV. Finally on august 25 in 1958 it came, a brand new model!!! Or...


Volvo PV 544 A

Well, it wasn´t really a completely new car. It was a modernized and tuned up 444. It had bigger windows all around and the windshield was now entire. The interior was completely new with padded dashboard and safety steering-wheel, the back seat now had room for three persons (sitting...). The rear lights were much bigger and looked like the sole of a shoe. New, bigger, better (?) brakes came with chassie number 207866. The handbrake lever was mounted between the seats. In the swedish market the car was sold in four versions 54403 Standard, 54404 Special II, 54405 Special I and 54406 Sport. The Sport was the sportiest and the Special II the most luxurious. These two had four-speed transmission and the Standard and Spec. I had three-speed. The Sport had the B16B engine when the others had B16A. In U.S the car was called 54408 (B16B and 4-speed) and 54409 which actually had the sporty B16B engine and a three-speed transmission.

The 544A is the by far most produced PV, from August ´58 to August ´60 in incredible 99494 ex.


Volvo PV 544 B

The B-model didn´t differ very much from the A-model. It got a new upholstery and new sides in the back-seat. The gearboxes were new, both all-syncronized. M30 had 3-speed and M40 4-speed.

It was built from August ´60 to August ´61 in 34600 ex.

Volvo PV 544 C

The C-model were modernised on several points. The most important new feature was the brand new B18 engine. It was a completely new construction with five bearings and 75hp in the standard version and 90hp in the sport version. The electric system now had 12 volts. The front blinkers were moved further out on the fenders and the headlights were now asymetric. The hood-hinges were changed and the net in the grill were not as close as earlier, and it got new red "B18" emblems in the grill and on the trunk-lid. The scale on the speedometer now reached 180 km/h. The interior door-handles were new. The car was now only available in three versions (in Sweden): Favorit, Special and Sport.

Finally Volvo built the yearmodels from august to august. 37900 ex.

Volvo PV 544 D

Very little changes. The easiest-to-notice is the new hub-caps with a red circular area in the middle with a V in the middle of that. Volvo started to spray the body with oil to prevent corrosion.

Built in 27100 ex.

Volvo PV 544 E

New plastic, inner-roof. new valve-cap with the oil-cap placed in the front (earlier in the middle). Non-reusable air-filter. Bigger control-lights and green light on the instruments. The tire-dimension was changed to 6.00-15" (earlier 5.90-15").

Built in 24200 ex.

Volvo PV 544 F

New silver-colored wheels with oval cooling-holes. New hub-caps with a black field in the middle with a "V". The "B18" emblems were removed. New emblems on the grill, sides and back. No cooling-curtain. Built in 17300 ex.

Volvo PV 544 G

The last model of the PV. The Sport engine now had 95hp and the sport model got radial tyres with dimension 165-15". The last PV, the single black Sport ever built left the factory ion October 20 1965 and was saved by Volvo. It now stands at the Volvo museum in Gothenburg.