In reference to VJU4BR20 distributor as used on B16 engines.

Distributor Cap--appears to be the same as 1960 36HP VW Beetle, distributor VJU4BR8. Bosch # 1-235-522-107 An excellent replacement by ECHLIN, part# CS301.

Condenser--no crossover in the VW world, but another nice ECHLIN replacement, part# EP122. It is rumored that Bosch# 1-237-330-054 is correct, but I haven't ordered one and verified this.

Rotor-- As above, 1960 VW Beetle with 36HP engine and VJU4BR8 distributor. The NAPA ECHLIN replacement was kind of strange, but I have seen two nice Bosch rotors, appear as if they would work quite well.

1-234-332-088 from VJU4BR8 distributor.

1-234-332-070 from the old Bosch "010" centrifugal advance distributor used on early VW Transporters.

VW distributor # 211-905-205F or Bosch # 0-231-129-010.

Misc. Components

Vacuum advance Canister- The vacuum advance canister used on 36 HP beetles is almost a bolt on replacement for the no longer available unit used on the Volvo (B16) with minor modification. The VW number is 111-905-271. This analysis is based on the examination of an old VW canister, and a trashed Volvo canister, both Bosch. Many of the outward dimensions of the two units appear the same, importantly the diaphragm (housing) diameter. To make this work you will need a different brass tubing coupler.

There are two used for connecting the carburetors to the canister through a vacuum line on the B16B. To use the Beetle canister you will need another one of the brass couplers as used on the carburetor side in Volvo. This screws perfectly into the beetle vacuum canister. The original Volvo vacuum line can then be easily bent and fastened into place as usual. The diaphragm pre loading/return spring is the same length and diameter between the two canisters. The Volvo one has fewer coils and is constructed of larger diameter wire giving it a different spring constant. (i.e.. displacement/applied force). The Volvo spring can be transplanted into the VW canister easily, and thankfully Bosch has provided an adjustment mechanism in the VW unit for spring tension.

From disassembling the Volvo advance unit, the "at rest" position of the pre loading spring without the diaphragm would place it about 0.160" above the plane of the diaphragm. This pre loading is built into the Volvo unit, but would need to be adjusted into the VW unit. I don't know what the full ramifications of this transplant are, but providing that the tension on the diaphragm and its diameter are the same, the advance characteristics should be quite similar. Glenn's Foreign Car Repair manual lists the following info on Bosch distributors' vacuum advance characteristics.

VJU4BR8 (VW) Max. Advance is 5 degrees at 15", start 4.5"*

VJU4BR20 (Volvo) Max. Advance is 8 degrees at 20", start 3-5.5"*

*inches of vacuum.

Note: Centrifugal advance is proportional to engine RPM whereas vacuum advance is proportional to engine loading. Distributor O-ring seal: Exactly the same as the seal for air-cooled Beetle distributors, all years.

Voltage Regulator:

544 with B16B and 6 volt electrical system.

There is a modern replacement that will work. The Ace Electric Company makes it, part number VR-2103. It has identical mounting hole locations as the original and is almost exactly the same size. Apart from not having "Bosch" stamped prominently on the case, this is literally a bolt in replacement of which the casual observer wou