I Purchased this Volvo in December 2004. According to the manufacturers certificate from Volvo Car Corporation...

Chassis No.: 207230
Type: P-544 08
Engine No.: 29183
The car has been fitted with a B16B motor, running nicely on twin SU Carbs. Colour Code: 56
Ready in factory: 9 December 1958
Delivered: 31 December 1958 to Johannesburg

Pictures Nov 2005
 Groenie08  Groenie09  Groenie10  Groenie12  Groenie12  Groenie12  Groenie12  Groenie12
The 544 still needs some work, however i must say everyday i can climb into it, start it up and just go :-), I need to source some badges, a drivers side mat, and fit back in the original seats.

Pictures December 2004, The day I brought the car home :-)
  Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6